The Messages From God through Yael and Doug Powell:

Only as your Love for Me deepens now, becomes more Real, more pervasive, more ecstatic, more treasured; only when My presence is the truth of your truth, the sum of your moments; only now can you begin to “do the works that Jesus did.” Because only now do you begin to realize I Am everything. I Am everywhere. Every person is My face. Each beating heart is My heart.

Thus are you now realizing at last what it truly means to love Me with all your heart and to love your brother or your sister as yourself. It does not mean that you must love yourself enough that then you can love others that much. It means that there is no difference between you – standing here as yourself and you standing there as another. There is only Me present. When you look at yourself – I Am there. When you look at your brother – I Am there. Everywhere you look, I Am. And every person verifies this, for only as they speak those words (I Am) do they have a sense of themselves. And when each of you says those words (I Am), you are present in the Now as co-creators.

Circle of Light Spiritual Center

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