Facebook Post by Luke Le Bree


My beautiful friends and family of love. I see so many of you walking in circles and the return to love call is going out all over the world. I see the gentleness of your hearts the softness and vulnerabillity of your awareness. Please dear ones call upon the love of God to enfold you in his oneness and go into the world as his children with the divine power of love. You are powerful when you do this and the world no longer controls you. The Mother Earth wants to feel your heavenly power, so she can bring forth new creations only possible by the Fathers love through ones like your self. Be Beautiful, be strong in that love. be the leaders of tomorrow so all creation can thrive. The New earth is being created as I write and so this message i feel is saying only from the old earth can new life spring by you becoming more than you ever gave yourself credit for. Never lose touch with your softness for this is a power in its own right. for the new earth requires and will have a softness that touches you gently and you can surrender all your guards down at that time. But my beautiful friends , we are needed to stop playing games that are not creating anything in our day to day lives. Dont just surrender at this point in your awakening but become more awake to love and its millions of ways of displaying itself. Be the love of God Be the creator of his love on earth. I wish I could be with you in physical to help in any way I could and to share my love, but this is not possible except by this means and the divine love that flows from us to each other. Be Blessed and Look for the light and move towards it, not in circles. leave behind that which fills your life with clutter of old. You are the stars in Gods eyes, and you are the love I am and i am blessed in your Glory that awaits you. Luke Le Bree. ( I ask if all can share this message )


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