What do you do with the stories of the world? by Yael and Doug Powell

This is a very timely message for me today. I have recently started reading A Course In Miracles, and to follow the message of Jesus in this book is to refuse to see anything but love in this world. Last night, through a page I subscribe to, I received a link to an interview of Rebekah Roth who has written two books on 911: Methodical Illusion & Methodical Deception. The interviews are a little upsetting as she talks about her years as a flight attendant and the training received on what to do when a flight was hijacked. She stated the many anomalies in what was released regarding phone calls from passengers to loved ones, the way the hijacking was handled and so on that would lend more credence to the theory that it was an inside job.

So my problem after listening to the interview was how to reconcile what I learned from what she had to say with the message Jesus is giving in A Course In Miracles. So after asking a friend on Facebook who writes amazing messages of love how he did what I am seeking to do, and basically his reply was that he doesn’t focus on what is happening in this world, but instead focuses on the Kingdom of God which is and only can be LOVE. What we need to remember is that this reality that we find ourselves in is only an illusion and only LOVE is real!

The Messages From God through Yael and Doug Powell:

What do you do with the stories of the world? You take them right inside your Twin Flame heart and let them dissolve in the river of life and you see and feel the truth of the one standing there before you – only Love and only God is there. For I Am all things. I Am your heart and theirs as you are Mine. When you feel this, bring them “back inside” through your heart to the Real. This is the living StarGate – your awakened Twin Flame heart through which all of humanity will come Home, dear ones. With your Twin Flame you are the doorway. And even if you don’t understand it, you can choose to trust your heart — only Love is present.

Circle of Light Spiritual Center

7 thoughts on “What do you do with the stories of the world? by Yael and Doug Powell

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