Angelic Affirmation by Christina Lunden

Today’s Affirmation is:

“I AM strong, vibrant and healthy. I have the strength and power to do all that I choose to do today.”

Loving you,
The Angels

An Angel Message for You

Live today in the Now. Every time you recognize you are worrying about something in the future, even tomorrow, say an affirmation for whatever you would choose to happen in that case. For instance, if it is about paying an upcoming bill, you could speak, “I always have more than enough money to pay for all my bills early or on time.” Or if it is about going to the doctor for test results, then you could speak, “I AM perfectly healthy. My test results will prove my body has been healed!” Speaking out loud helps to cancel your fear / apprehensive energy of the future. Every time you recognize you are feeling guilty about or regretting the past, speak against it out loud. Follow each affirmation with a deep breath and then just go on with your day. Do not berate yourself for thinking these things. Just let it go and that will keep you in the Now. The Now is a blessed, stress free place. It is a present.

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