I Believe God Wants You to Know by Neale Donald Walsch

On this day of your life I believe God wants you to know…

…that nothing is ever as bleak as it looks.
Everything, in fact, is a blessing.

I know, I know… that is sometimes very hard
to believe. How can a sudden, calamitous event in one’s life
be a blessing? It takes a longer view, I know,
to see this wonderful truth. Even a diagnosis
of a terminal illness could be seen as another gift
from life when experienced from a particular perspective.

It is an opportunity for us to express once again,
at the next highest level, Who We Really Are.
And, if it turns out that, at the Soul level, we have
indeed decided to leave our present physicality
in this particular way and time, that, too,
would be an expression of our Highest Self.

And so, all “calamities” are blessings, not yet
understood by the Mind. God knew this was a good day
for you to hear this…

Love, Your Friend …

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