Card For Today

Five of Winter

Our card for today, Monday, November 16th, is taken from the Fairy Tarot Cards – Five of Winter – “Walk away from dishonest associations. Realizing that what you thought you wanted isn’t the best choice for your happiness. Something that’s not worth the effort.”

The Suit of Winter – represents the mind and the intellect. We can associate the briskness of the season with the cool energy of pure thought. We often slow down our actions during winter as we stay tucked in our cozy homes. We have time to think as we await warmer weather – when we can then act upon our plans. We may spend more time communicating with friends and family when we feel the desire to remain indoors, where it’s warm and comfortable. If the winter is severe, we might start to feel isolated or allow our thoughts to turn toward fearful or worrying topics. More often than not, the worry is unnecessary and only takes us away from the merry path that God, the angels, and the fairies wish to show us. We must remain positive, with the assurance that the cold will eventually end and spring will provide us with the opportunity to leap into action! (Fairy Tarot Cards Guidebook)

5 represents – “A significant change is occurring, always for the better. It’s a good idea to call upon Heaven for help with life changes.” (Angel Numbers 101)

Spiritual Meaning of the Color Purple – Purple has long been the color of royalty, signifying nobility. It also represents ceremony, spirituality and the realm of mystery. In addition the color purple means sacred wisdom and enlightenment. To tap into sacred wisdom – meditate with Purple. (

This card is a reminder that if we want to act all high and mighty, (nobility or royalty as seen in the meaning of the color purple this fairy is wearing) we will find ourselves very much alone. No one likes a person who thinks they are better than everyone else, or a know-it-all. This is something that those of us on the spiritual path have to be very careful of. It’s easy to get caught up in knowing the truth, or thinking we have all the answers, and wanting to share that truth with everyone we meet. However not all of our friends and family, or even strangers, are ready to hear what we have to say, no matter how right or true we believe it is. What we end up doing is alienating our friends and family and other people we meet, sometimes to the point where they will no longer want to be around us. This does not mean that we shouldn’t share our knowledge or speak our truth, what it means is that we do so in such a way as to not make the other person feel stupid or small.

There is a time and place for everything and the same goes for sharing our knowledge or speaking our truth. What I found helpful was to work a little tidbit of info into a conversation and if the person caught the reference and went on to talk further about it, or asked what I was talking about, then I gave a little more information that often led to some pretty amazing conversations where I learned as much from the other person as they learned from me. If however the person didn’t catch the meaning of what I said, or completely ignored it out of hand, I carried on talking about the weather or some other mundane topic. This is of course changing as more and more people wake up and begin asking questions and are therefore more likely to be interested, but caution still needs to be used when opening up a spiritual topic.

I always try to gauge the interest of the person I’m with before launching into anything spiritual. If someone is not open to it, you can talk and talk and all you will get is a blank stare. There were times when I didn’t say anything because I made a judgment about someone’s seeming readiness, or lack thereof, only for them to be the one to open up a discussion about a spiritual topic that was very near and dear to my own heart. So speaking from my own experience, sometimes we just have to learn that not everyone is ready for “the truth”, but that doesn’t mean that they are lost, it just means that they are taking a different route home. Remember there are many truths and many paths that lead to God, not just our own.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚

& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Aurora & Star Twin

Artwork taken from the Fairy Tarot Cards, Five of Winter.

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