Card For Today

Queen of Winter

Our card for today, Monday, November 23rd, is taken from the Fairy Tarot Cards – Queen of Winter – “Let go of people or things that no longer serve you. Now is the time to focus on your career. Unmarried or divorced individuals.”

The Suit of Winter – represents the mind and the intellect. We can associate the briskness of the season with the cool energy of pure thought. We often slow down our actions during winter as we stay tucked in our cozy homes. We have time to think as we await warmer weather – when we can then act upon our plans. We may spend more time communicating with friends and family when we feel the desire to remain indoors, where it’s warm and comfortable. If the winter is severe, we might start to feel isolated or allow our thoughts to turn toward fearful or worrying topics. More often than not, the worry is unnecessary and only takes us away from the merry path that God, the angels, and the fairies wish to show us. We must remain positive, with the assurance that the cold will eventually end and spring will provide us with the opportunity to leap into action! (Fairy Tarot Cards Guidebook)

This card is asking us to let go of anything or anyone that is no longer serving us. So if it’s not helping us to become better people, or if it’s not helping us complete our mission or soul purpose, or if it’s not bringing us joy, let it go. If they are not supporting us, if they are not helping us in some way or loving us, if they are constantly causing us aggravation or bringing us down, let them go and move on. There is no reason anymore for us to hold onto people, places or things that are not helping us reach our highest potential and good. Remember too that while we hold onto people and things that no longer serve us, we block the new people and things from coming into our lives. We have to let go of the old in order to embrace the new.

As we have seen in the cards before, we are simplifying our lives now. We are clearing out the clutter, and the people, that are right now only taking up time and space, but are not actively contributing in a positive way to our well-being or our purpose in being here. There is only so much we can do for anyone, and at some point we have to make the decision to cut the ties and move on if it’s no longer in our best interest to keep them in our lives. It’s true that as Lightworkers and Empaths, we want to help everyone, we want to give everyone that benefit of the doubt that they can turn their lives around, or that they will become the people we know they can be. But sometimes the more we give the more they take, until we ourselves feel drained of energy and have nothing left to give. Then we know it’s time to cut the cords and let them find their own way. We have given all we can give and now they must sink or swim on their own.

So it’s time now to stand in our own power and do what is best for ourselves, because if we don’t take care of ourselves, we have nothing to give to anyone who might truly need our help. Yes it may mean letting go of people in our lives who have been with us for a long time and in whom we have invested a lot of time, energy and emotion, but both we ourselves and they will be better off in the long run if we let them go. Sometimes people really do have to find their own way instead of riding on our coattails. So don’t be afraid to end that relationship or that friendship, or even distance ourselves from our families if that is what we need to do to stand in our own power and truth. We need to do this for our own sanity sometimes. It’s not being harsh, it’s taking care of ourselves. If we don’t take care of ourselves, who else will take care of us?

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Aurora & Star Twin

Artwork taken from the Fairy Tarot Cards, Queen of Winter.

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