Card For Today

Ten of Summer

Our card for today, Wednesday, January 13th, is taken from the Fairy Tarot Cards – Ten of Summer – “An emotionally fulfilling life with family or friends. Raising children wisely. People you can trust.”

The Suit of Summer – represents a rich and fulfilling season. We often spend time near or in the water (the symbol of emotion). The seeds we planted in the spring are growing rapidly and providing us with wonderful experiences. Summer is also the suit of: emotional well-being, family bonds, joy in life, finding love, committing ourselves to relationships, having children, and building lives with the ones we love. In the depths of our emotions, we experience our intuition and psychic gifts more fully. And so this suit brings us spiritual growth that leads to an understanding of what really matters in our lives. (Fairy Tarot Cards Guidebook)

10 represents – “God wants you to hold positive thoughts about this situation, as everything is working out for your highest good. Call upon God to help you stay optimistic, as your thoughts are an influencing factor in the outcome.” (Angel Numbers 101)

Our card yesterday talked about feeling alone and looking for people who feel and believe as we do to be friends with, or even to find a mate who also shares similar beliefs. This card today is our assurance that we can indeed find people of like mind and heart who we can have fulfilling friendships or relationships with, as long as we keep our thoughts positive. However I am going to offer a word of caution here based on my own experiences. Not everyone who claims to be spiritual and believe as we do is trustworthy. I have had some dealings with people, who claim to be Reiki masters and spiritual teachers, who tried to take advantage of me in one way or another. You will still find wolves in sheep’s clothing, and so it is necessary to follow your own intuition when meeting people. I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and so sometimes I have ignored my own gut reaction or intuition to my detriment. So just be careful when meeting new people.

However just because there are tricksters out there doesn’t mean that there are not still good and decent people with whom we can form bonds and relationships. If we keep our vibrations high and our thoughts positive, we will only draw to us those who vibrate at a similar level. This quote “What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” by John Lubbock, is a great example of this, but I will change the wording slightly and say “what we get depends mainly on what we expect”, and this is what I have been finding in my own experiences lately.

Our thoughts attract to us the things and people that mirror those thoughts back to us. Again in my own experience, and I’m going to apologize now to the men who read these messages because I tend to lump them all together of late in one word “MEN!” My Twin Flame is in spirit but I would also like to have a relationship with a physical man. However the more men I meet, mostly through online dating by the way, the more I say that word “MEN!” and it is now my belief that because I have come to expect a certain type of man to contact me, that is all I get! So this is a lesson for me as well as for those of you who are also looking for friends or a mate who is on the same path you are. If we keep our expectations high and our thoughts positive, then we will attract to us the people we want to have in our lives, people we can trust and be completely ourselves with.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Aurora & Star Twin

Artwork taken from the Fairy Tarot Cards, Ten of Summer.

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