Card For Today

Awakening Ancient Wisdom

Our card for today, Friday, April 22nd, is taken from the Gateway Oracle Cards – Awakening Ancient Wisdom – “Deep inner knowing is emerging within me.”

As you know by now, I have been listening to Kryon channels and also reading books by Kryon (Lee Carroll). Kryon says that we are being upgraded, meaning our DNA is being upgraded, which is giving us access to wisdom that is stored in our Akash. Our Akash is the storehouse of all of our past lives, the things we learned in those lives, our experiences and so on. As we move through this ascension process, more and more of our DNA will become activated allowing us more access to the ancient wisdom of our souls. We can also “mine our Akash”, what this means is that we can ask to have any knowledge that will help us in this lifetime and help us in our ascension process, brought forward into our conscious minds.

I am presently reading a book by Monika Muranyi, called The Human Akash, which is a compilation of everything that Kryon has ever channelled about the Akash. Sometimes our Akash comes through in dreams, especially those that recur quite often. If it’s something that is negatively affecting our current life, we can ask to have this stop. If we are healers today, chances are good that we were healers or shamans in a past life, and maybe more than just one past life. That knowledge or wisdom would be good to have now in this lifetime, and now we can ask to have that knowledge brought forward.

Some of those bizarre dreams that we have are Akashic memories. Even some of the fears we have in this lifetime come from our Akash. When we have an inner knowing about something, something that we are not even sure how we know it, it is coming from our Akash. In the new energy we find ourselves in, we can work with our own Akashic record in amazing ways. We can use our Akash to change some of the negative things we are experiencing in this life, we can bring forward past talents and wisdom, and we can even mine our Akash to change our physical bodies right now.
For anyone who is interested in learning more about the Akash, I highly recommend this book, or even just go back and listen to some of Kryon’s channels although it may take a while to gather all the info from the channels he has given over the past 24 years or more. Here is the link to the Kryon website ( and under the icon “Free Audio”, you will find the Kryon channels listed by year. There are a few channels that list “Akash” in their titles, but he talks about the Akash in many other channels as well. I don’t mean to be promoting Kryon, but he is one of the few channels that resonate deeply with me. Listen or read for yourself if you are interested, and as always use your own discernment.

Have a great weekend everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Aurora & Star Twin

Artwork taken from the Gateway Oracle Cards, Awakening Ancient Wisdom.

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