Card For Today

Accepting What Is

Our card for today, Friday, May 6th, is taken from the Gateway Oracle Cards – Accepting What Is – “I accept and embrace my inner majesty.”

We are being asked to remember and embrace the beautiful and powerful beings of love and light that we really are, and not the person that we believe we are. We only believe that we are small and powerless with no choice but to accept what is given us, or what others say we are, because that is what we have been taught to believe our whole lives. Most of us as Lightworkers have problems with self-esteem because of how we were persecuted in our past lives. Even in this life, we hid behind a mask we created for ourselves so that we could “fit in”, be like everyone else around us, even though we always knew that we were not like most people. But even so, we have been laughed at and shunned because of our inability to fit in no matter how hard we tried.

So now we are being told it is time to step into our power, who we truly are with all of our quirkiness and all of our gifts and talents and powers. It is time to take off the masks we have worn for protection and step into our mastery as the sons and daughters of Source, of Mother/Father God. As Kryon says, we were not created in sin or dirty, that was a lie told to us by religion to keep us under control. How could religion, the way it has been taught for eons of time, control its people if we all knew how grand and powerful we really are? So they sold us a lie and it’s a lie that has been kept alive because it has been all anyone has ever known. This is not to say that religion doesn’t have its place because it does as it is the only thing that connects some people to God. And there is no right or wrong way to worship God either, all God wants is our love so whatever brings us to that place is serving its purpose.

However we were told that we were sinners right from our first breath and that the only way we could be made clean, was to accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour because He died to take away our sin. Wrong! I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes here, but Jesus didn’t die for our sins, that wasn’t why He came here. He, like all the other masters who walked this sweet earth, came here to show us the true way, to show us the truth of who we really are. He told us that all the miracles He performed we could do also and so much more. He told us that God lives in each one of us and loves us all more than we will ever know. We were created in the image of God, not these physical bodies but our immortal souls, and as we are all part of God and He is part of us, we can do what He does. We have just forgotten and were led away from this by powers that wanted to keep us under their control.

God is not going to punish us for something we might have done wrong, that’s what parents do. We have put the attributes of parents on God! God is LOVE and that is ALL He is. He isn’t a God of judgment, He only sees the good inside everyone because anything that is not love doesn’t exist in the true reality. Remember this reality is only an illusion. We are all like actors on a stage playing a part in a play, this isn’t real! So we need to stop living in fear of doing something wrong or not getting something right because we might not make it into Heaven. Heaven is within each of us and all we need to do is look inside our own hearts to find the Heaven we seek in the form of God’s love. If God, the Creator of all things, can accept and love us no matter what, why oh why can we not love and accept ourselves as He does? It’s time to break the chains that hold us back from being who we were meant to be, and go forward from this day claiming our birthright as the children of God. Accept the majesty of who you really are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Have a great weekend everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Aurora & Star Twin

Artwork taken from the Gateway Oracle Cards, Accepting What Is.

3 thoughts on “Card For Today

    • Thank you because I had to think long and hard before I posted this. When I do a reading, its like a channeling because I just type what comes. I was afraid this would get some people riled up but we shall see. It’s out there now for better or for worse, lol. Much love to you too!


      • Ha – I often feel a bit insecure after I post 🙂 But I’m learning to let it go, some people will like it, some might not, and some people that it triggers – well, we get to be an instrument for Spirit those times 🙂 I’m glad you went for it! Sharon xoxo

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