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I want to share a reading I did a few days ago on where we are in terms of coming into union with our Twin Flames. It’s the first time I have done this but I think it was pretty clear on what is happening with Twin Flames all over the planet. I won’t be posting photos of the cards as I usually do for a reading, but the deck I used for the reading is The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck by John Holland. Here is the reading and I hope it helps to answer so many questions Twin Flames have about their relationships.

Twin Flame Card Reading:

Card 1 – represents the key issue in the relationship right now:

9 Darkest Fears – Both ourselves and our Twins are afraid, really afraid of this relationship. We are both playing out our deepest fears of not being good enough, abandonment, rejection, and every other negative thing that has ever happened to either of us in our previous relationships and even in our past lives. Remember all of this is coming up to be healed. We will be faced with everything that is keeping us from embracing our Twins and giving ourselves completely to the love we feel and our union. And just when we think we have been through everything and we have healed all the old wounds, something comes up once again, our buttons get pushed and we of course react as we have pretty much always done, we withdraw back into our shells feeling hurt and angry. It’s a cycle or in other words, it’s the Twin Flame dance. When we can have something come up, some old wound button gets pushed, and we don’t react as we always do, then we move on to the next issue and then the next issue until we have broken the old patterns and are free to love ourselves and our Twins unconditionally. Remember we are both working on this, so it’s not just us or them, it’s both!

Card 2 – Where the relationship is strong:

6 Simply Love – How much easier does it get than to love our Twins and to know they love us. Loving each other isn’t the problem, we have that in spades. Now if we could both remember that instead of the fear we both have of the other leaving us, or rejecting us, or whatever other negative thought we have floating around in our minds about them, then reunion would have already happened.

Card 3 – Where the relationship is challenged:

3 Nurture – If we spent more time nurturing our relationship than in imagining the worst or fearing we will never come into union, then perhaps we could be closer to that union taking place. This relationship is like a garden, it needs our love and attention in order to blossom, but instead we are letting weeds of doubt and suspicion crop up and put a strangle hold on the love we share. So this is something we most certainly need to work on.

Card 4 – Our hopes for the relationship:

1 Base Chakra – The base chakra represents survival, safety, and security. We want to feel safe in our relationship with our Twins. We are wanting them to provide some stability to our lives. Isn’t this what we all want, to feel loved and cherished and safe in the arms of our beloved?

Card 5 – Our true feelings for our Twin:

1 New Vitality – Oh how we long to make beautiful music, or love, with our Twins! When we are with them, the world really is a magical place. They breathe new life into us and we are so in love that nothing or no one else exists but them.

Card 6 – How we are adversely affecting the relationship:

2 Coming Together – We are so focused on our union (or reunion) with our Twins that nothing else matters. However in most cases, we have lost sight of our purpose on this planet at this time. Yes we found our Twin Flame and that love is beyond anything we knew that might exist, and so all we want right now is to be with them, no matter the cost or who might get hurt along the way. For many of us, we ourselves or our Twins are married to someone else who is not our/or their Twin, perhaps it’s a soul mate or it’s a karmic relationship, and perhaps there are children involved. It’s easy to say that it’s time for our Twins to wake up and smell the coffee and come be with us and to hell with the rest, but it’s not that easy in many cases.

Yes we may feel that they have had more than enough time to extricate themselves from these other relationships and responsibilities, however let’s go back to card number 1, the key issue in the relationship, Darkest Fears, for a moment. So we are asking them, or they us, to walk away from all they, or we, know and love, and hope to God we are making the right decision, that this person is indeed our Twin and we didn’t just imagine it all. That’s a big leap of faith for many people! Admit it, we have all had our doubts about our own sanity in all of this, we have questioned if this person is in fact our one true Twin. If you didn’t, then you deserve a medal!

Card 7 – How we could help our partner:

3 Take the Lead – Okay so what I have gathered from the people I have talked to who are in a Twin Flame relationship, most of us are waiting for our Twins to do what they need to do and come be with us. We are waiting for them to make that first move. However perhaps it’s time we took some steps to be with them, even if it’s only for a visit at first, because many of us haven’t met our Twins face to face as we live many miles or kilometers apart, some on different continents. Most of the awakened Twins are female, actual gender doesn’t matter, it’s the female energy I’m referring to here.

That being said, and speaking from my own perspective here, I have been waiting for him to get off his fanny and come here even if only for a visit at first. Maybe, just maybe, knowing that they are as afraid as we are, we should take the lead and go see them. I know it’s a leap of faith we are taking here, but it might set the stage for the union to happen a whole lot sooner than it will if we are waiting for them to make the first move. Just saying! Once physical contact happens, once we can look into their eyes, feel their touch and so on, most of the doubts and fears will vanish. I’m not saying we go to them and destroy their families or marriages, we can meet discretely and at least put some of the doubts and fears to rest about our relationships and what we are to each other. Then things that need to happen, like leaving marriages and so on, are more likely to occur.

Card 8 – Our Twin’s hopes for the relationship:

1 Manifest – Oh they want this relationship as much as we do but again the doubts and fears creep in and they back off. They feel the connection, they feel the love, and yet in some instances, they fear it will never happen because of all that stands in the way of our union. I remember my Twin saying to me once that loving me was like drowning with his hands tied behind his back. So it’s not that they don’t want this union as much as we do, it’s the seemingly impossible odds that may keep that from happening.

Card 9 – Our Twin’s true feelings for us:

1 Strengthening Bonds – Oh how they love us! And even if we are not even on speaking terms with them right now, the bonds of love grow stronger and stronger with each passing day. They may fight it if they are afraid, but they can’t fight it forever. At some point they are going to realize, if they haven’t already, that this love and being with us is the only thing that really matters. They are learning that they can run but they can’t hide, the light of the love we share is breaking all the walls and chains they have around their hearts and soon the love and light will come pouring in. They don’t stand a chance against that tsunami of love, they will have no choice but to fall to their knees in surrender!

Card 10 – How our Twin is adversely affecting the relationship:

12 Observe – Again I’m going to look at this from my own perspective. Our Twins are basically keeping their distance. They are watching or observing us to see how we react to things, like when they push our buttons. In some cases their pushing our buttons happens at a subconscious level, but there are times when it is deliberate. I’m sure they set us up to see how we will respond to certain things they do or don’t do, whatever the case may be. Again speaking for myself, it’s very hard to not react when I see certain things. It’s hard not to be angry or hurt when he ignores me and then if I say I’m hurt or I’m angry, he backs off, sometimes for very long stretches of time. I tell him that we can’t work through the issues that arise if he’s not willing to talk to me, and that until he does stick around and help me work through what arises in me, we will keep going on this merry-go-round we find ourselves on. I will give another perspective on this at the end.

Card 11 – How our Twin could help us:

21 Embrace – What a great card for this position! What else is there to say? If our Twins could stop running and embrace this love and connection we share with them, all our troubles would be solved. However I won’t put this all on them, we too need to embrace our relationships with them. I’m sure most of us feel that we are already doing that, but we may be subconsciously keeping them away. We like to think we have it all figured out and all we need is for them to wake up and come back to us, but unless we have addressed our own doubts and fears, and healed all our wounds, we are in effect keeping them from coming to us.

It is never about just them, we have to take responsibility for our own crap and not put it all on them. Until we have healed ourselves and can love ourselves unconditionally, how the heck are we going to love them unconditionally? Remember that this relationship is our greatest mirror, it is showing us everything inside us that needs to be healed, and of course it’s the same for them. We can’t come into union until we have both healed our wounds and have forgiven ourselves and the other for any hurt or wrong doing in the past. If we are holding on to anything that is not love, this union can’t happen.

Card 12 – The future of the relationship:

7 Daydreams & Decisions – This card is telling us that we have some decisions to make where our relationship and union with our Twin is concerned. We are being asked to decide what it is we truly want from this and then start taking some steps to making it happen. Our daydreams are powerful tools when it comes to manifesting something into our reality. It’s time to start dreaming about possible futures with our Twins to start that manifestation process. This will require us to put our doubts and fears aside if we are going to bring this union into reality. As long as we carry any confusion inside us as to their being our true Twin, we are blocking the union from occurring. So now it’s time to get to work on making this dream a reality.

As a side note to this reading, I feel that Twins have been kept apart for a reason. The timing has been off. What is the main purpose of Twin Flames having incarnated on this planet to begin with? To anchor the new template for love and relationships. Humanity hasn’t been ready, heck we ourselves haven’t been ready. As long as there is war and violence and inhumanity on this planet, the majority will not know what to do with this kind of relationship. While humanity lives in fear and is fighting for their very survival on this planet, the love the Twin Flames are here to show will fall on deaf ears and stone cold hearts. Let’s face it, how many of us can say that we completely trust, beyond the mere shadow of a doubt, someone not to betray our love and trust in them? Not many I’m guessing.

So until humanity can move beyond survival, we are in a holding pattern. But that doesn’t mean we give up. Now it’s a test of our strength and our perseverance and our faith to hold the love in our own hearts while we wait for the light to bring peace, abundance and health to all on planet earth. Of course the closer we get to this occurring on the planet, more Twins will come into union. As more Twins come into union, it paves the way for the rest of us. We just need to be patient a little while longer. Are we up to the task?

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