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Our card for today, Tuesday, August 23rd, is taken from The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards – Envy – “I am the same as everybody but with different challenges.”

As soon as I looked at this card I was reminded of a Kryon channeling, “Five in a Circle”, that I listened to last night and so I will incorporate the notes I took from that channeling in this reading as it fits so well. Most of this will be word for word as Kryon said it and some will be in my own words. Here is the link to the channeling if someone wants to listen to it for themselves:

These are some of the types of old souls on the planet and what they are doing, but remember there is no hierarchy, every type is as important as the other, they all support one another. God is in everyone on the planet, the energy on this planet is changing, old souls carry much wisdom for this time on the planet, and old souls are waking up to different tasks in order to supply a solution to the new energy.

We all have different “jobs” and what puts us in one of the types we are talking about is our Akash, it creates who we are now, what we are doing and how we feel about it, that is specifically spiritual. It’s a beautiful system and we are all working it and don’t even realize it. This all has to do with Akashic entanglement, or in other words, a shared reality, it’s a quantum expression. This entanglement is pushing the new energy forward. Don’t try to fit yourself into one of these 5 types because there are grey areas and you might have pieces of 2 or 3 of the 5 types, and you can be one type for a while and then change to another type later on through experience and knowledge. When Kryon talks about these different types he refers to them as being in a circle or a ring. So here are 5 of the various types:

1. Number 1 represents new beginnings. All they do in their waking hours is think about why they are here, they are so driven and so focused on this one thing to the exclusion of all else for most of them and they get a lot done. However because number 1 represents new beginnings, this type never ends what they are doing, it is never complete, it’s always new.

2. These don’t have quite the push of the number 1, but they still feel as though they do, they are just a little more relaxed with it. Number 2 represents duality, they deal with the human body, they are the healers. They are the ones looking for solutions that will support number 1. Number 1 tends to overdo things and so he needs number 2 to heal. Number 2’s come up with the systems that help humanity. They remember that they were healers before in past lives. They are a piece of the whole, but specifically they help number 1.

3. Three is a catalytic number, it moves things. A catalyst is something that stays the same but changes what it comes in contact with. These are the meditators of the planet. Their Akash is so comfortable because they can sit and meditate for days and they will come out refreshed. What are they doing? They are holding the energy of all the others together because their consciousness is steady, it’s quiet, it’s beautiful, and it sets a stage that all the others feel. For example, the meditative side isn’t part of number 1 at all, but when he feels frustrated, he feels number 3 so that he feels peace and then relaxes and knows all is well because number 3 is here doing their job.

Number 3 has had lifetimes of being monks all over the planet to just sit and be. There is so much power there, they just sit there and steady the planet and all the other numbers. Whatever comes their way is more peaceful. Number 1 and number 2 need number 3 desperately, but number 3 needs number 1 because just sitting there and being won’t accomplish what number 1 can do. Are you beginning to see how this works, how they are interconnected and need each other? All the pieces fit together like a Swiss clock.

4. Number 4 is the Gaia number. Gaia is related to human consciousness, what happens to planet earth is connected to us profoundly. For the ancients, the ancestors, Gaia was all they had as there was no technology, Gaia gave them food and the weather. We have lost that connection but we still need it. Number 4’s may not even know they are Lightworkers but they KNOW they are connected to the earth. They are passionately connected to the earth! You can’t pry them off a tree when they are hugging it! They need to be part of Gaia all the time.

Number 4 is also an animal whisperer, an animal lover, someone that can speak to the consciousness of animals or understand them. They are also someone who will talk to the plants and actually feels that the plants have something to say. They love the planet. The animal whisperer is whispering for number 1 and 2 and 3 and these numbers may not know what number 4 is doing but it’s happening and it needs to be because human consciousness is connected in quantum ways, not isolated. Number 3 may not understand number 4 but it’s okay because when you are part of a circle, everyone is helping each other, you are entangled. It is the confluence of consciousness that moves things, it’s not 1 or 2 or 3, it’s the combination of all that creates things, and the whole is stronger than the parts because of it. It’s a beautiful system!

5. Number 5 is change. Number 5 has more old souls in it than in any other type. These are the anchorers because they anchor number 1, 2, 3 and 4. Number 5 is the old soul who goes about their life, not writing a book, or standing on a stage, or doing anything “important” as we perceive importance, not understanding that they are walking the planet as the masters did spreading compassionate action. Compassion on this planet is the thing that most needs to change and by your actions and those who see you, this planet moves.

When you are at home, or with friends, or at work, or on the freeway, are your actions compassionate, do you see God in others? That is an anchorer. The anchorer is the compassion that this planet needs more than anything else, more than the other numbers combined. The anchorer is needed so that the others can do what they do. Without the anchorer, numbers 1 through 4 won’t accomplish anything. This doesn’t mean that number 5 is the most important, it is just important. Every compassionate action changes those around you, you are noticed. You are noticed because that’s not the norm.

There are other numbers, this is just the beginning. Not all the numbers know each other, or believe the same things, or wear the same uniform, or speak the same language, but they all fit together in this confluence of energy that works this puzzle in a beautiful golden ring, and this is what is going to change the planet. Everyone has their niche depending upon who they are, how long they have lived, and what their feeling is that about that which they are supposed to do. It’s why we are called to do the things we do, but we beat ourselves up because we don’t think we measure up to someone else who looks like they are doing something more important than we are. This needs to change because God sees all of us as working the puzzle the same, we are all equally important in our own way. We are not all meant to be doing the same thing. So we need to stop judging ourselves or envying others because what they are doing looks more important than what we are doing. We are all equally important in the grand scheme of things as we move through this energy now on the planet and the energy to come. We are all a piece of God and so we must never forget that.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Aurora & Star Twin

Artwork taken from The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards, Envy.

One thought on “Card For Today

  1. dear Carolyn,

    this is such incredible information. i’ve known for a long time that 4 is my number and you really confirmed it with the animal whisperer, animal lover, connection to earth description. i especially love the part that we are all important with our different contributions. collaboration is really the key, right? one family as i like to say.

    many hugs and blessings to you always, ~Florencia TREASURE THE MESSAGE

    p.s. if you are interested, i would be honored to do an animal reading for you to say thank you for all the work that you do.

    On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 11:01 PM, Spirit Card Readings wrote:

    > carolynchipman posted: ” Our card for today, Tuesday, August 23rd, is > taken from The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards – Envy – “I am the same as > everybody but with different challenges.” As soon as I looked at this card > I was reminded of a Kryon channeling, “Five in a Circle”, that” >


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