Daily Teachings of the Masters ~ Saturday September 03, 2016


Daily Teachings of the Masters ~ Saturday September 03, 2016

By Nicole Singer 09/03/2016

You are being asked to purge the past now, simply purge it, “the past has no meaning for me now”. Because as you decide to purge it, to release it, what you will find is a beautiful new moment waiting for you with opportunities galore, with new energies, new discoveries.

The key to receiving these energies, these awareness, these new points of focus is to be willing to release your past fully. Why drag along something that has already happened, that has already occurred? It is of no interest to you compared with the glorious opportunity that is presenting itself clearly for you, right here and right now.

Continue to work with Archangel Michael in the releasing of any psychic ties, any places where you are still holding on to what used to be, what did occur, or what you previously believed was possible.

You are in new energies and this requires a new focus. A willingness to drop the ties to the story line of your past.

Be open to what is being revealed to you in the now moment and go forth with strength, love and conviction for the Truth.

Release the past.

And so it is.


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