‘Amping Up’ Life Force Flow through Spiritual Renewal by DL Zeta

Spiritual purpose plays an important role in creating health. There are ways to amp up the amount of life force energy flowing into your life. It’s the flow of life force flowing into one’s life that determines the realities that can be accessed.

With each year that passes, there’s either a moving toward the realization of the deepest longing of one’s soul or a moving away from it. Those who have taken their meaning solely from the outer world will begin to notice an empty feeling that is often accompanied by a physical breakdown over time. By contrast, those who have built a bridge to higher consciousness will experience renewal and rejuvenation that allows them to exude a vitality and timelessness as they grow older.

Life force energy arrives proportionate to the amount that’s needed. Those who make an effort to discover their spiritual mission and carry it out in whatever means available receive the life force energy needed to do this. By contrast, those who retreat into illusion, seeking only the comfort of distraction and entertainment, suffer a stagnancy that shuts down the flow of life force energy over time.

When life force energy is shut down or stagnant for long periods, the physical body starts to “amp down,” and the spirit begins to withdraw from the life. At the physical level, you can measure life force in terms of the oxygenation of cells. A lack of oxygen most always results in physical disease. This is the physical explanation for disease that reflects the spiritual withdrawal of life force energy from the body.

The good news is that regardless of how far a person has traveled off course, regardless of the current state of a person’s physical being, this energy can most always be turned around through spiritual renewal.

12 Steps to Creating Spiritual Renewal

We offer here 12 steps for creating spiritual renewal:

1) Identify your life purpose and ask your guides to reveal to you the steps to fulfilling this purpose. If you don’t know yet what your life purpose is, begin reading the energy of your entire life to look for clues. Write your autobiography and examine the energy and essence of all major milestones. Everything that has ever been created in your life has been designed to carry you further into the realization of this purpose. Make lists of your strengths and weaknesses, the things you love, your talents, and your deepest desires. These are further clues to the nature of your life purpose.

2) Set aside time each day for silence and meditation.

3) Learn to still your mind by practicing concentration skills. Concentrating the attention on a candle flame for 10 minutes each day while releasing all thoughts will help still and focus the mind.

4) Eat a diet that consists of primarily living foods.

5) Fast periodically to clean and detox the body and help release yourself from over involvement in the physical world.

6) Develop your intuition. Recording and interpreting your dreams each day is a good way to begin developing intuition. Also, make a practice of listening to the still, small voice within you and observe how the information it offers assists you throughout your day.

7) Create a list of the 10 things you most dearly desire to create and ask your guides to show you steps you can take to begin creating these desires now. Look to see how each item on your Ten Most Wanted list is aligned with your life purpose.

8) Have a goal, purpose, and activity for everything you do.

9) Engage in some sort of physical activity each day. It is especially beneficial to incorporate physical activity such as yoga that unifies mind, body and spirit.

10) Make time each day for creative play. Write in a journal, paint, take a long walk in nature. Do what gives you joy.

11) Find some way to share your gifts and talents with others.

12) Clear clutter in your life. Clean out closets, drawers, your house, car, and everywhere unused items accumulate. Release everything you no longer need. This includes old feelings you may be holding onto. Practice gratitude and forgiveness and release the past so you can step more fully into the present moment.

Excerpt from The Metaphysics of Radiant Health Ebook by DL Zeta



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