Physical Body Upgrade by Lisa Brown


These next months are going to upgrade the physical body to a HUGE DEGREE as the Crystalline LightBody activates and integrates to SUPPORT SOUL EXISTENCE…..Are you ready? Really really really really really ready? .

For those experiencing the “PHYSICAL AFFECTS” OF your SOUL/Higher Self/Source Light activating INSIDE of your body (LightBody), honor this… it’s mega important! ~Your entire physical being is going through an overhaul, cleansing, re-calibration……. When gravity goes (as your heart opens), your head is taken offline, your body goes weak (for awhile, then this rarely occurs anymore), some call it “vertigo”…. a human word for your SOUL WAKING UP INSIDE……Your eyes can’t focus, you can’t stay awake, you feel like you are walking in a foggy groggy dream, you can’t remember simple things, as you shift dimensionally….. There is a HUGE SLEEPING TO AWAKEN phase, that all go through to “leave/transcend” the old 3rd/4th dimension of Consciousness and “arrive” in the 5th Dimension of Consciousness….

Photonic light makes you feel drugged, releases DMT and Melatonin in huge doses, your entire OUTSIDE REALITY changes as your INNER REALITY does….. Your body will break out, your brain/head will be affected, you will hear frequencies, you will forget everything from time to time, your speech patterns disrupted, your organs/glands go haywire, your heart will about beat out of your chest as it awakens and sends light to the rest of your body to awaken too…. There can be pain, as these areas that held suppression go numb/start to tingle/stimulate and release the programs held in every cell of your body. Your Spine will continually be re-worked as your new “center”, the crystals in your eyes activated so you can see more, so you won’t be able to focus or see at time, your skin color will change, your body will constantly change, you will have more gas/air/space inside the body as physical matter changes form…. .

It’s up to you to BE AWARE OF THIS and see how you can SUPPORT your body as it continually re-configures itself, re-tunes in ELECTROMAGNETIC energy so that you can WALK and EXIST fully on NEW EARTH.

By Beloved Lisa Brown.

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