We Are the Governing (Light) Bodies of NEW Earth – Lisa Transcendence Brown




Do you SEE where your “future” is taking you? How your life is unfolding/evolving now? Do you REAL-EYES how your world came to be and how it transforms instantly as you embrace your own highest form of existence here? Do you FEEL how everything constantly changes and how your vibration dictates the experiences that you have…. in every moment?

Do you SEE how what you DO now CREATES your realities, every one that you interact with, every thing that materializes in physical form is a RESPONSE to you?

Are you absolutely LOVING and LIVING a PRISTINE and Pure life, with infinite abundance all around you, because that is what flows through your veins, through your cells, through your breath?

Are your relationships pure again? Is your life simple and not convoluted anymore? Is DIVINE LOVE at the CORE of everything, is DIVINE LIGHT emanating from you all of the…

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