DNA Upgrades: What They Mean & How They Affect Our Body By Chemory Gunko


All over the spiritual communities you hear talk of the words DNA upgrades, upgrades and light body activation.

But what does this actually all mean and how is it impacting your life, the situations around you and your body?

By Chemory Gunko


There was a really interesting experiment done a few years back that shows how DNA immediately affects the environment around us by pulling atomic elements like photons into a holding pattern.

Effectively, what is happening is that Source is sending microwave particles of light and energy from the sun with all these storms, burst and flares.

These microwaves enter your body (this is why I don’t talk on phones, too much can be damaging), and begin to change your body at the level of your DNA.

All healing does this actually – the new energy (or resonance) makes physical changes to your DNA and cellular structure.

Over the course of the next three weeks your body then adjusts to these changes (the integration period). After the integration period, the photons around you respond to you differently – causing the people and situations in your life to change and respond differently as well.

So you’re experiencing the changes of shifting now, first as your body adjusts, second as you purge emotionally, and third as you adjust the NEW YOU to the old environments and people you’ve always moved in.

It’s difficult, because when we experience change internally, we want the world around us to change immediately – and for the better.

But the universe does not rush to fill something that is already filled – it creates space for energy to flow. So along with emotions purging, people and environments are going to purge in order to make space in your life for the new stuff that is coming.

This is not a loss – it is change ONLY.

So surrender and don’t fight it. You wanted change and this is what the first part of change looks like.

If you are feeling a strong urge to take action on an issue or relationship in your life, remember rule 1:


Give this a few days or a couple of weeks to see if the energy passes – you can always still act if you wait later on. You can’t unsay or undo that which has been done or said in anger or passion.

And no, all is NOT fair in love and war. It is NOT okay to say or do what you want and then come back from it afterwards and act like nothing happened.

If you want people to treat you with respect and you want your arguments to go smoother, then offer the same respect you would like to receive.

If you love the person in front of you, then remember that this argument is part of your relationship of love – you still act with love in a relationship.


Lots of physical symptoms such as headaches, feeling fluish and tired
Lots of emotions moving through
Fatigue and lack of focus
Walking between two worlds – 3D vs 5D reality
Timeline jumping and Mandela Effect
Aggression, restlessness and stuff coming to a head


2 thoughts on “DNA Upgrades: What They Mean & How They Affect Our Body By Chemory Gunko

    • I’m certainly not an expert on this but I follow David Wilcock and Kryon, both say that we have entered a new area of space where there is a node or a point where some of the lines intersect in a form of sacred geometry. This is releasing energy along with the great central sun at the center of our galaxy. These energies are in turn affecting our own sun causing it to emit plasma (energy) in the form of CME’s, or solar flares, that affects the earth’s magnetic field. We have a magnetic field surrounding us as individuals that is created by our heart. What affects the earth’s magnetic field affects our individual magnetic fields. This, from what I can gather, is what is creating the changes in our DNA as a species. Even those who have no clue what is happening on the planet are also being affected, actually all life on the planet is being affected. I’m not sure if this explains it well enough or not, but it’s my own understanding of things. We are all light energy and the sun’s energy is helping us transform our physical bodies into a lighter body so that we can take them with us into the new 5th dimensional earth. I hope this helps some. Love and Light!

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