Twin Flames Separation Why It Happens from Spiritual Unite


Twin flames separation is something that can’t be avoided and is meant to happen in most of the twin flame relationships. Apparently, most twin flames relationships are bound to come to a slight pause since its not quite obvious that at the point of meeting they both will be ready for each other.

The reunion is quite strong and would require the twins to be ready for each other i.e be in a position to take care of each other’s souls and in addition, they should have individually learnt some important life lessons such as love, loss, handling of; jealousy and hate etc.

Therefore, when the relationship can’t seem to work, it happens with a reason. It happens that there are key lessons still meant to be learnt and understood before embracing the love meant for the two.

Twin Flames Separation

However much the two of you will have part ways, you are still connected and its just a learning moment for the two of you. You are meant to learn important lessons such as detachment, forgiveness, surrender, grace, inner strength and trust.

Forgiveness will be the greatest lesson you will get to learn since the separation would have been caused by one of you either saying or doing something that hurt the other.

At a point like this, you will definitely miss your twin and you will get to wonder how to cope with such a loss. It will be painful and it would ache your heart but remember its meant to happen. Its meant to teach you something and however much you wish they would be with you its just not the right moment.

Making matters worse, you will have to go through this stage alone as no one will get to understand what you actually feel. You may try explaining yourself to those close to you and trust me the best response you can get is ‘just let go, maybe it was not meant to be.’ But no, don’t listen to them; whatever you had is no ordinary and very few people can come to really understand what you are going through.

Twin flame separation isn’t quite a pleasant ordeal and it will leave you with a string of questions in your head with no real answers and unfortunately it will be a confusing moment for you.

However, with the confusion and uncertainty, the two of you will still be connected in a way. You will still think about each other nearly all of the time and still feel their internal energy. You will get to feel it when they are emotional, upset or even when they will be thinking of you.

Its quite sad to lose someone you had loved and still love with all your heart but remember one thing; its a stage you have to grow through and you are learning something out of it. There may not be exact reasons as to why this is happening, how its going to happen or when it may stop and all you have to do is trust the process and endure the pain.

The whole encounter is meant to grow you and therefore this is a time for you to have your own healing, spiritual growth, recognize your lessons and just be the best version of yourself. Once you are ready, the universe will reunite you once more and this time your love will be unbreakable and divine.

2 thoughts on “Twin Flames Separation Why It Happens from Spiritual Unite

  1. I initially found out I was on this journey a year ago. I started seeing 1111 and all the other synchronicity that are provided. I was in a bad place. No self worth, allowing people to treat me like I am less than others and gave all I had with nothing in return. When I met my twin i said to him I knew him and was amazed at that. It lasted 6 months and then he was triggered, fearful and ran. He came back 6 months later. It was a horrible pain when he was gone. After a few months of us back to the norm, he said he had been feeling weird heart issues. 3 months later I did an well. He ran again 2 months ago. I saw 2 trucks that said United on it one with angel wings. And today at the cvs I heard peaches and herb reunited on the stereo in the store. This will be the best healing feeling knowing that I am part of a huge choice to ascend this world to love. I feel blessed and happy. It is a real and amazing journey I an not wishing for anyone else. Blessed.

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    • Hi Erika, thank you for sharing your experience with me. I have had to reevaluate my own situation and whether or not the man I thought was my Twin is or isn’t. I find this to be a very difficult journey. I have been at this for over 10 years now and it has torn me apart in more ways than one. At this point I have pretty much given up and have taken the attitude of what will be will be. Right now I am working on myself and doing my own inner work and not worrying what he’s up to or who he’s with or anything else. I am also open to someone new coming into my life who can hold the energy of my Twin. What that means is that based on a webinar I did with Angelina Heart back in late 2009, in which she said that our Twin Flame is first and foremost a stream of consciousness. Keeping that in mind, if it doesn’t work out with someone we believe to be our Twin, then someone else can come into our lives who can still hold the energy of our Twin for us.

      So even though you are not wishing for someone else right now, if I were you I would remain open to the possibility that someone else could come into your life as your Twin Flame. This is one thing I find that most people who talk about Twin Flames get wrong, that we have one Twin and if it doesn’t work out then that’s that. So many people in the Twin Flame community stay stuck in this belief and are out and out miserable but don’t feel they can walk away. I’m not saying you should walk away, that choice is yours, but keep an open mind because you never know what could happen down the road.

      I often wondered if the man I believed to be my Twin was what is known as the False Twin. I actually read somewhere the other night that instead of saying “False Twin” maybe we should look at it as a “Pre-Twin”, someone who comes along, holds our Twin’s energy for a while, and then leaves. The idea to awaken us to the journey so that we begin our own personal transformation process and when we are ready, our true Twin will come. So you will still see the signs and experience many of the Twin attributes with this person but it may not be the true Twin Flame. Like I said, just keep an open mind because I’m not sure any one person out there has all the answers to this journey. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk more. Take care and good luck on your own journey.



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