Card For Today


Our card for today, Thursday, December 29th, is taken from the Sacred Rebels Oracle – Come to Life – “You are the most sacred of all sacred artworks. You are bringing yourself to life now and this is how it must be.”

We have been experiencing new energy coming into this planet for some time now, but we have also been receiving a wave of energy coming from space that according to some peaked today. This energy is what is being said is responsible for the increase in earthquake activity around the planet over the past few days. One source says that 257 earthquakes of magnitude 5 or higher have occurred in the past 9 days! It is not my intention to create fear here, it is more about being aware of what is transpiring on our planet. This energy is said to be a catalyst for the changes we will soon see happening on our planet, including the changes occurring in our own physical bodies, and it is also changing our consciousness.

That’s what all this is about, this ascension process is really about humanity’s evolution to higher consciousness. As we move through these changes, we are, in reality, changing ourselves as well. As Kryon has said in several of his lectures this year, we have been living in black and white for a long time and now color is coming. And it was his words that immediately came to my mind when I looked at this card. We are going through a transformation process that will leave nothing untouched. Kryon also says we can expect some other wild cards in 2017. He didn’t go on to explain that other than to say we need to remain calm and balanced as things unfold around us.

This is a time when we will look at everything in our lives and begin to let go of the people, situations and things that we have held on to for so long that no longer match our new selves. We will begin to look for the things and people that fill our lives with joy and with love and with color. We will no longer be satisfied with the hum drum of our daily lives as we have been living to date. We will want more excitement, more love, more laughter, and anything that makes us feel more alive. We will do more of the things that bring us joy and fill us with a passion for life. Many will long for the times when life seemed simpler, but there is no going back, once we have awakened there is no going back to sleep. Would we want to anyways? Was the life we were living really all that satisfying? Speaking for myself I will say NO to that one.

So let’s embrace the changes as they occur, even the ones that on the surface seem anything but good, knowing that no matter what it looks like, everything is happening for the highest good of all. Have faith and trust the Creator of All that everything is in Divine Order.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Aurora & Star Twin

Artwork taken from the Sacred Rebels Oracle – Come to Life.

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