Do you feel it? Getting drenched with waves these last several days brings on dizziness here. Something is moving, approaching, and mixing with our frequency.

Yesterday I saw this (click here).  As I was editing this, I was sent a copy of Winston Shrout’s newsletter, which pretty much echoes that report.  His website is found here.  This chart (click here) has also been showing some anomaly since December the 8th of this year. Check out the second row.  If you back date it, you will see it is new.

Something is definitely up.

What I notice personally and hear from many others adds up to this:

  • Vivid dreams of mass arrivals in our skies
  • “dream work” which includes training for some global event
  • Physical sensations/dizziness from incoming vibrations moving through
  • Visual encounters with non-human life forms (these could be walking by, floating by, or standing, either in peripheral vision or straight on)
  • Sounds coming from those that are not seen (doors closing, clothes rustling, walking, movement in rooms that are empty)
  • The veil thinning
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Appetite changes
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Extreme anticipation

Here we go…

There is one way to prepare for this moment (that we can’t actually completely predict). There is a thing we can do, a way you can retain some semblance of control (in what feels uncontrollable) during this next part. You have a choice, always, at the data you ingest, the music you listen to, the people you hang with.

Choose now with purpose.  It’s an uncertain moment, I know.  Who and what you focus on will color your view of it all. Our world is altering.  Don’t forget the part you play in its alteration.

You are not just watching the show – although social media will convince you of that – you are writing the script as well.  None of what you see, hear or feel now is by accident. It’s been carefully placed there with the tools of creation; your tools.

Your belief. Your intent. Your creation. It’s all you showing up in a brilliant “not you” illustration.

See how clever you are?

While others create worlds of fear, dread and struggle – remember whose world you live in.  You live in yours.

Things are happening, yes.  Your experience of them is yours alone.  Believe there is magic.  Access your power.  Once you do, use it.

You are a brilliant and wise spark of love, here to show us how to proceed.

As we ride this current of expanding consciousness, throw your hands up!!!

Freedom is found there. Letting go is not giving in or giving up.  It is allowing.

You can throw up your arms with pure exhilaration because you are the one who built this ride with your best intentions.  You are going to be just fine.

So accept as true that fairy you saw, dream you had, vision you witnessed and energy you felt.  It’s all as real as you believe it to be.

Your job right now is to create, create, and create again.  You are gods. There are no failures.  There are only practice rounds.

We approach magical times.  They appear as we planned them to and right on schedule.  It feels as if we’ve waited forever yet as we look around, notice the Déjà vu quality you feel.  You’ve done this before.  You’ve got this now. Let’s enjoy this part.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Have a blessed Winter Solstice.

With gratitude and love,

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