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Our card for today, Tuesday, February, 21st, is taken from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards – Make A Commitment – “My Prayer: Archangel Michael, as the angel of courage and confidence, I call upon you to lend me your strength. Allow me to commit to myself, my life, and my Divine purpose. Please clearly guide me so I can fully open my heart to every experience.”

This card could be for me right now. I know that Doreen Virtue has said that sometimes when we are doing readings for others we also get messages for ourselves. I have been going through a difficult time for a while now. My relationship with the man I believed to be my Twin, a man in Barbados, has not been smooth to say the least. He comes and goes from my life with no warning so that I never know when I hear from him if this is going to be the last for a while or not. It’s been very hard on me emotionally. I do have a man in spirit, Rob, who is always with me and many have said he’s my true Twin, that the man in Barbados was just the catalyst for my awakening or a “false” Twin or whatever. However I am consumed with thoughts of him no matter what I do. I feel confused by it all and there are times I don’t know how to go on.

Then over the past 2 years my physical health has deteriorated so that it is harder for me to get around or do things. I have Arthritis, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Spinal Stenosis. I am in pretty much constant pain. I take meds for the pain but because I am allergic to Aspirin it limits the meds I can take and it doesn’t always work. I wouldn’t ordinarily talk about this because what we put out there we get more of and God knows I don’t want or need any more to deal with. It’s depressing and makes my life feel not worth living many days. I’m not someone who dwells on the bad or the negative, but I will be honest here and say that lately I don’t want to be here anymore, meaning alive on the planet. Again, this is not something I would usually tell anyone and especially not here with people I don’t know. However I am getting the feeling that by talking about this here it may in fact help someone else who is experiencing something similar in their own lives.

So perhaps I need to make a commitment to myself, to my life and to my purpose in order to be able to go on. I’m not sure I have ever made a commitment to myself before. I have made commitments to other people, like my ex-husband, my daughter, my family (my parents and siblings), my pets, my work and so on, but a commitment to myself, not sure on that. I realize many people will probably feel the same way because most of us are people pleasers. We subvert who we really are to be what others want or need us to be. We do this to get a partner in life, or to be accepted by our peers or maybe for other reasons.

I have been considered to be “strange” all of my life and so I learned to bury my interests, my feelings, my beliefs and pretty much all that has made me who I am, just so people would accept me, so I could find a partner, and friends. Perhaps this is why I have so much pain in my body right now. This is a time of releasing that which no longer serves us and that includes how we have put others ahead of ourselves. This spiritual path is not about being service to others at the expense of our own wellbeing. If we are always giving and don’t allow ourselves to receive, even if that means giving to ourselves, we will burn out and have nothing left to give to anyone.

I believe the time has come for us Lightworkers and Forerunners to make a commitment to our own wellbeing and to being our true selves. We have been hiding our lights under bushels when we are trying to be something or someone we are not. We can’t be of service to ourselves much less others if we go on pretending or if we push our own feelings, needs and desires down deep inside ourselves so as not to offend someone. I have been offended by a lot I see in this world and by the way others have treated me, and mostly by how I have treated myself as someone less than deserving of all the happiness that can be found in this world. We are here to be love in this world because we are in essence LOVE, but it begins by loving ourselves first, and that means loving our whole selves, not just the parts we like about ourselves.

I have a friend here on Facebook who wrote a post today about loving our bodies, these vessels that carry our true essence while we are living on this planet. She said that she hated to look at herself in the mirror because she would always see something about her body that she was ashamed of. I can relate to that as I’m sure many of you can as well. We set these impossibly high standards for ourselves based on what society considers beautiful. It should never be about what society tells us is beautiful, we should be taking care of ourselves because we LOVE ourselves. If we love ourselves enough, we will do what is best for ourselves and our bodies by eating the right foods, doing some kind of exercise daily, by taking care of US, by me taking care of ME and you taking care of YOU. It’s not about having the perfect body, it’s about being healthy, and being healthy includes being who we really are and loving that person, ourselves.

So let’s make that commitment to ourselves, to our lives and to our Divine purposes. Let’s ask Archangel Michael for the strength, the courage and the confidence to do so.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Carolyn & Rob

Artwork taken from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards, Make A Commitment.

3 thoughts on “Card For Today

  1. I can relate to your entire post. I also have had CHRONIC fatigue Syndrome for a good part of my life.I put everyone ahead of myself because of a dangerous toxic family that I grew up in.I also am weary of such a pain filled life. It really is time to love ourselves and let people sort their own lives out. one of the things that is coming up for the Collective is for everybody to grow up and take personal responsibilities, for themselves and their lives.Perhaps the readers and healers need to let others carry their own baggage.It is time for us to stand tall and place our own needs first.Only then can we be of service to others


  2. Hi Carolyn, I can relate – stand tall, stand tall as you carry the Divine Spirit – that GRANDEST Love of all 🙂 Shanna M.

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