Card For Today


Our card for today, Tuesday, February 28th, is taken from the Getting Into The Vortex Relationship Cards – I Can Replace False Premises with Law-Based Premises – “There has been a theme unfolding here of replacing flawed premises with Law-based premises. And we would like to leave you with a final one: We all make too much of all of this. It is simpler than we all make it out to be. Be easy about it. Be kind to yourself. Do things that feel fun. Look for things that bring you relief, and just easily move into that place (your Vortex) where all things that you want have already been lined up for you.”

I love this card! Okay so we all know by now that what we focus on is what we create more of based on the Law of Attraction. However what we may not clearly understand is that it is our own vibration that attracts to us what shows up in our lives. If we are focusing on something and it’s not showing up for us, no matter how many vision boards we create, or how much time we spend visualizing what our lives would be like if we already had what we want, if our overall vibration isn’t a match for it, it’s not going to show up.

If our overall vibration is low or negative, or based on lack, how can we attract more abundance or our soul mate into our lives? We can’t. The only way to fix our vibration is to spend more time doing things that bring us joy, being with people that give us a feeling of happiness and love, following our passions and anything that lifts our vibration to a higher level. We only need to spend more time doing things that make us happy to raise our vibration to a level that puts us in alignment with all that we desire in our lives. If we want love, be love, if we want abundance, be abundant. It’s not hard, it really isn’t, it just takes practice and committing ourselves to those things that help us to feel joy, happiness and love.

We are still human and so we will have times when feeling that joy, happiness and love may be a stretch. However we can turn negative, sad, lower vibrational feelings around by doing something that will bring us the feelings we want, so that we can manifest the things or people into lives that our heart desires. If we are not in a physical place where we can find much to be joyful for, we can think about something that has happened to us in the past like a happy memory, or someplace we like to go, or something we like to do, and even that small change can make a big difference in our vibration. The thing is to be gentle with ourselves if we have moments where we feel anything but joyful. Life is complicated and things happen that bring us down.

It may help to create a happy place in our minds, some place we can visit in our imaginations when we can’t physically travel to a place or do something that makes us happy and feel good. Maybe it’s at the beach, or in a forest or whatever it is that would be a place where you can feel happy and relaxed. It’s your place so make it whatever you want and put in it whatever you would like to see there that makes you feel good. Your imagination is your only limit so make it your place. Then when you feel down you can imagine your happy place and immediately lift your vibration so that all that you desire can come to you!

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Carolyn & Rob

Artwork taken from the Getting Into The Vortex Relationship Cards, I Can Replace False Premises With Law-Based Premises.

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