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Our card for today, Wednesday, March 1st, is taken from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle – Child of the Moon – Forgiveness, Transcending the Ego.

“It is time to allow the cycles of time, the tides and the flow of life herself, and even the power of the moon’s cleansing light to help you to forgive someone. For if you are suffering right now, it must be due to a feeling of resentment or dislike that remains within you. There is nothing that forgiveness and her power cannot heal.” (Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle Guidebook)

Once again this may be meant for a few of you readers out there, but it is also meant for me. Forgiveness of anyone else in my life hasn’t been that hard, but for the man I thought was my Twin, that’s a whole other story. If I think of him at all, it’s not pretty what goes through my mind, the things I say to him in my mind because of the pain he caused me in our relationship. I say I forgive him and some days I do feel like that and I can think of him and send him love and light, but on other days there isn’t enough bad I could wish for him. It’s a work in progress at the moment, my forgiveness of him. I also know too that when I am filled with resentment and well dislike isn’t a strong enough word, but you get the idea, my body is in a lot more pain than if I am sending him love and light. Depends on how I feel emotionally and/or physically as to how I feel about him. This is certainly not something I am proud of but I have had to accept that these feelings come up to be healed and so when I realize where my thoughts have turned and just what those thoughts are, I place my focus on Rob, my Divine Counterpart, where all I feel is love.

Thankfully I have longer stretches of time where I don’t think of my Twin at all. I know this is confusing, hold up and let me explain something I learned just the other night when I was listening to Doreen Virtue and her daughter-in-law Melissa. They were talking about love, Soul Mates and Twin Flames as part of the Hay House World Angel Summit. Doreen and Melissa, who both have been communicating with spirit for a long time, said that they have received the information that the Twin Flame is not the ultimate relationship so many believe right now. The Twin Flame relationship is actually a Karmic relationship which would explain how difficult and challenging these relationships are. Case in point would be my relationship with my Twin. Now I do believe, based on the info given by Doreen and Melissa, that the man I believed was my Twin is in fact my Twin, and that Rob, the man in spirit, is my Soul Mate. I have had people tell me that the physical man is my Twin and others who have said he’s not my Twin but a false Twin. And yes it has been very confusing for me because of the love I felt for him.

The physical man and I had all the signs of Twin Flames, trust me I have read and researched so much on the subject of Twin Flames that if there was any doubt that he is my Twin, it was put to rest, but and that’s a big BUT, we were like opposites in so many ways. His view on love and relationship is radically different from my own, think poles apart, to the point where all we did was fight and then he would leave and I wouldn’t hear from him for months on end. I was told he is a player and I know that because I have seen the evidence of it with my own eyes even though he denies it. There were so many red flags and I chose to ignore them because he was my Twin, and I think many others do the same for the same reason.

I have been feeling for a long time that we have been misinformed on what the Twin Flame really is, but with no way to back that up except my own intuition. Then I listened to that show the other night and it was like “BINGO”, this makes so much more sense. Doreen’s and Melissa’s information that they received from spirit is that the Soul Mate is the ultimate relationship and that if you are with your Soul Mate the relationship is balanced, the love is unconditional and reciprocated in every way. AND, if we are not with our Soul Mate now, we can call them in. Doreen says that her Soul Mate says he was on the other side, he hadn’t incarnated, but when he heard her calling him, he got himself here in a physical body and I’m not talking about being born an infant and growing up. This should help you understand just how powerful we are and that things don’t work in this world as we have been led to believe for so long. As a matter of fact, about 9 months after I became aware of Rob, the man in spirit, I was given a message that if the need of humanity was great enough, he would show up for me in a physical body. I’m ever hopeful!

So after listening to that show the other night, my thoughts of my Twin have changed, I no longer feel all that resentment, dislike and pain because now I can let it all go knowing that trying to make that relationship work was doomed to fail from the beginning. We would never truly see eye to eye on anything that was important to me in a relationship. The info that was given in that show has helped me look at that relationship in a whole new light and I am so glad that I got that chance to hear it. I am hopeful now that some of the pain I have been feeling in my physical body will begin to dissipate as I have been able to forgive him and put it all behind me. He has his journey and I have mine and we are not destined to be together after all. It’s a giant relief actually after 9 years of anguish and resentment and trying to make him love me. I always felt unworthy and inadequate in some way and now I know that it really wasn’t about me as much as it was about balancing our karma.

I know that this may sound a little off topic, but as I felt led to share this, I can only hope that what I have said will help someone who reads this. I used to have a blog about my Twin Flame experiences, but as I’m not very good at dealing with hateful comments I took it down. Anyways I think that if we are going to be able to forgive others, it will help if we can remember that some of the things that happen to us in relationships, any type of relationships, is about the balancing of Karma. If we can get our ego’s out of the way and look at the whole thing from a different perspective, we may find ourselves able to forgive just about anything that has caused us pain, mentally, emotionally or even physically. It’s hard, but it can be done, and in fact it has to be done because anything that is less than love will keep us from raising our own vibrations enough to move into the new earth. In the Lord’s Prayer we ask that our own sins or mistakes be forgiven even as we forgive those who have committed sins or mistakes against ourselves. And so we know what we must do!

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Carolyn & Rob

Artwork taken from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle, Child of the Moon.

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  1. Anyone with anger or any negative emotion that is not releasing or keeps coming up should look into Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) which is working with the Angels. When I work on myself or others I can release a lifetime of negative emotions within 5 minutes, sometimes more than not correcting physical ailments (neck and shoulder pain, arthritis, stomach/indigestion/ibs etc. This modality can also be done long distance.

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