Card For Today

My Relationships Will Change When My Vibration Changes

Our card for today, Wednesday, March 22nd, is taken from the Getting into the Vortex Cards – My Relationships Will Change When My Vibration Changes – “You are living in the time when fewer people will attempt the impossible task of pushing the unwanted far enough away that they will be left with only that which is wanted. It is the time when more people will come to the realization that what they have been seeking is not a change in the behavior of others, or in the world outside of them – over which they have no control – but, instead, an understanding of their own Vibrational relationship with Source, over which they have complete control.”

Do you ever wonder why you attract a certain type of person into your life? Perhaps you are looking for a romantic partner or a good friend, but all you seem to find are people who hurt or betray you. I know that is how it is with me most of the time and I haven’t been able to understand why that is even though I feel I’m working on my vibration most of the time. Even our relationships with our family are affected by our vibration. However I understand that being in a high vibration all the time is practically impossible in today’s world. I know for myself today, everything is driving me to feel angry and I have no outlet for that anger. It’s not anything big that makes me angry, it’s all the little things that I deal with most days, but for some reason today is not a good day for me when it comes to my vibration. I will blame it on the energies as we are in a stream of solar wind again and that tends to make us tired and cranky.

We all know how important it is to focus only on what we want and not on what we don’t want, because as Abraham says above, it’s an impossible task to push away the unwanted, however it would be easier to draw to us the things or people we want, if we can be in the right vibration to match them. The question becomes how to get into that vibration, or the Vortex, and maintain it. For me, I find the only thing that works is to place my focus on doing something creative. I have several creative outlets to choose from, right now tonight it’s quilling, making designs with paper. I find it relaxing and it keeps my mind on something that gives me pleasure instead of focusing on all the things that are driving me nuts today. There are other ways to achieve or get into that place of calm, for some its meditation, or a walk in nature. The trick is to find whatever that is that brings you peace and takes your focus off whatever it is that makes you angry or upset, or any other negative feeling, and DO that.

All that being said, we also have to be gentle with ourselves as we all are human after all. If we were all perfect and in a high vibration all of the time, well our world might look a whole lot different and our relationships too. So don’t be hard on yourself if you have a bad day, chalk it up to the energies or whatever and work through it knowing that tomorrow is a new day, a new day to begin again. As the energies on the planet change, the vibration of the planet as a whole and of each individual person will also change. As Kryon says, only about 30% of our DNA is functional, but that is changing, and as more of our DNA comes online, things will get easier, meaning it will be easier for us to rise above the things that are bothersome now. For now we just have to be aware of our thoughts and if they are negative, we must try to raise them by whatever means necessary. As we do so, everything around us will respond in kind, our relationships and even the world outside us. So remember, brighter days are coming and until then we keep putting one foot in front of the other and do our best.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Carolyn & Rob

Artwork taken from the Getting into the Vortex Cards, My Relationships Will Change When My Vibration Changes.

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