Goddess Energy by Sophie Bashford


She can bring down the energies, she can pull up the healing, she can work her magic with lightning-speed – all without you ever knowing she is doing anything. You are probably just chatting with her. You might be receiving a hug from her. You may be walking with her. You might be asking her to use her abilities just for you. You might even be making love with her. Be prepared, for a level of transformation to occur that is relative to the level at which you have engaged her energy field.

You must be aware of who you are dealing with. These women are everywhere now, but they are usually unrecognized by the masses. Those who ‘know’ will see them instantly, by the way their bodies shimmer and glow with truth; their eyes appear like Mysteries, rich with knowledge that pierces the Soul; their hearts seem to embrace, comfort and cherish without a single word spoken.

They are magnetic, unforgettable and ravishing, because the Goddess is alive within them. Wave upon wave of nourishing light emanates from their bodies and flows to where it is needed – healing, restoring, transmuting. Powers such as these have long been forgotten on our planet, so it may come as a surprise when you are touched by this energy that you cannot understand nor forget.

When you meet her, only remember this.

She Changes Everything She Touches, so prepare to be changed. She Changes Everything She Touches, so realize that you called her into your life for a reason. She Changes Everything She Touches, so be aware that she will bring up in you what needs to transform. She Changes Everything She Touches, but don’t ask her how she does it. Those kind of secrets rest in the sacred vaults of Heaven, the most hidden natural places on Earth, the most arcane tombs and temples of the Mystery.

All you need to know is this: She changes everything she touches.Forever.

Written by: Sophie Bashford

Art: Sterling Legacy Art & Kristin Grant

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