Card For Today

I Have Control of the Vibrations I Offer

Our card for today, Tuesday, June 6th, is taken from the Getting into the Vortex Cards – I Have Control of the Vibration I Offer – “Once you begin to believe or expect good-feeling things to come – you’re in the Vortex. And once you get in there, now you are a cooperative component. Now you get to rendezvous with all of the good stuff that you have put there, and you can train yourself there – you can do it in a day. You have control of everything that rendezvouses with you when you get control of the Vibration that you offer, and you get control of the Vibration that you offer when you care about how you feel.”

Many feel that we have no control of how we feel, that what we feel is what we feel and there isn’t much we can do to change that. To some extent that may be true when something bad happens and we feel sad or angry by it. However we don’t have to wallow in those lower vibration emotions. Yes we need to grieve the loss of a loved one and no one will deny that, but the lower vibration emotions that accompany random things that happen to us in the run of a day can be controlled. We get to choose how we will respond to the things we see, the things we hear, and the things that happen to us. We can let them make us sad or angry or frustrated or fearful, or we can step back and be the observer and send love, light and blessings to the situation and the people involved.

One way to change how we feel about something is to try what Matt Khan teaches in his videos on his Youtube channel “True Divine Nature”. When we feel something other than a positive emotion, we can place our hand on our heart and say “I love you”, and we keep repeating the “I love you” until we feel better. It does work because I have tried this myself. Matt also bases his teachings on loving the one who feels the negative emotion, for example, if you feel angry about something that happened, instead of beating yourself up for feeling that anger, place your hand on your heart and say “I love you” and again repeat as often as necessary. I haven’t read his book yet but the title is “Whatever Arises Love That” and that is what he is referring to, whatever arises in us, we need to recognize that it is something that needs to be loved. Saying the “I love you” helps us to feel better almost instantly no matter what it is we are feeling at the moment.

This is a great way to turn our emotions around from something negative and lower in vibration to something positive and higher in vibration. It may sound too simple but I suggest you give it a try the next time you feel in a bad mood or angry or sad. Or as we have learned before, we can change a negative or lower vibration thought into a better feeling thought and that will accomplish the same thing, helping us feel better. So these are a couple of sure fire ways to help get us into the Vortex so we can begin to receive all the wonderful things awaiting us there.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Carolyn & Company

Artwork taken from the Getting into the Vortex Cards, I Have Control of the Vibration I Offer.

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