Twin Flame Challenge: Change Your Energy to Fuel Your Union by Twin Flame Healers


Twin Flame Challenge: Change Your Energy to Fuel Your Union

We were recently at an Energy Psychology workshop with a focus on the energies of love…fascinating. The presenters (Donna Eden and David Feinstein) did an exercise that was quite impactful.

They invited a couple onstage, muscle tested them and did tapping (EFT) until they both tested strong energetically. They then asked the man to think of a complaint he had about his partner. He didn’t speak, he didn’t touch her, just thought of his complaint. After a few seconds of this, they muscle tested his partner (the energetic recipient of his complaint), and she immediately tested weak energetically. This is energetic truth in action, and we experience this all the time.

When Remi is upset with me, thinking negatively, I FEEL it (and of course, the same is true for him). Every time. No matter if we are in the same room or miles apart. Because we (and all twin flames) have a shared energy body (as Remi says, we’re a four-legged creature) our energy, every moment of every day, has a direct and very powerful impact on our twin flame. When he is upset or thinking negatively, my energy drops to a much lower vibration, and I must cope with that reality — and of course the reverse is true for him.

On the other hand, when we are thinking positively of each other and our union, our energy goes WAY up and we are able to teach, heal, learn, and be MUCH more who we came to be on this planet.

The same is true for you and your twin flame. You may not have the power to change what they are thinking, but you can absolutely use your twin flame energy to change the energy you both are experiencing.

One spiritual truth I’ve learned that has been life changing — the most powerful vibration wins. Not necessarily the most positive, the most powerful. As advanced souls, we tend to be empaths and therefore tend to be “vibrationally codependent” with those around us. Think of growing up in a family that did not resonate with you — like most sensitive souls, you probably energetically shifted yourself to fit in and avoid disapproval, negative attention, or abuse. As you grew up, you continued this habit — as a sensitive soul and twin flame, you aren’t built like many of the people on Earth, but forget why. We think we are strange and there must be something wrong with us, when the opposite is true (OK, we are probably all strange, but in a good way hehe).

We came to Earth to help transform the old templates and bring in the new, not to fit in. We do this by connecting with dysfunctional families and bloodlines in childhood, with the purpose of transforming them later in life, and thus being the pioneers and living templates of new paradigm living and relating we are meant to be.

So this pattern plays out with our twin flame. If they are in a lower vibration, we tend to vibrationally match them, which lowers the vibration of the shared energy field. The key is for the more positive vibration to become the most powerful, to reverse the stream. So here comes your twin flame challenge — changing your energy to raise the vibration of your union.

This week, notice the energy you are sending through the pipeline to your twin. When you think of him/her, are you thinking of all of the things they are or aren’t doing or being that upset you? Are you joining them in lower vibration (feeling depressed, anxious, lacking, etc.)? See if you can release this energy as soon as you notice it — bring it into your heart center and breathe. If you can’t let it go easily and go into your heart, try this: Lie down on the Earth or floor, facedown with your arms outstretched over your head, and give all of your complaints and negative thoughts to God/Spirit/the Universe. Feel them drain out of you. (This feels amazing).

When you are calm, sit up, and imagine your twin flame in front of you. Begin to appreciate all of the things you love about your twin flame. Imagine looking into his/her eyes and the connection you experience as souls. Imagine smelling their smell, breathing in harmony with them. Smile. Send them your love through your eyes and heart. Imagine cuddling their inner little boy or girl. The possibilities are endless — it’s your show! Use your imagination to bring your energy to a place of appreciation and compassion for all they are going through. If you have a hard time with this, ask a high being to help you (Kuan Yin, goddess of compassion, is wonderful for this).

To make this exercise even more powerful, visualize the Merkabah and ask for your souls to meet there. In the Merkabah, you can also ask for any obstacles to your union to be transformed, and ask for any parts of both of you that are currently not connected with the energy of your souls to be cleared of negative energies and brought up into the light of your soul.

They will feel this. All of a sudden, they might feel a warmth in their heart, or just feel better or lifted up. They might think of you, or have a good thought or memory, or feel you close to them in a very positive way. This is real transformational alchemy. It will change their energy no matter what they are feeling, and this fuels your union, every time.

This not only benefits your twin flame, but of course benefits you as it raises your vibration and energy, reminds you that you ARE in union already, and you can go there anytime. Plus it feels so damn good.

All twins are in union energetically all of the time, no matter the state of our 3D “relationship.” We are all going through the union process, we can’t stop or change that, but we have a great deal of power in HOW. We can do it the hard way, or the easier way. Why not choose easier?

Remember, ALL twin flames are here with a big mission, whether you remember it or not, to SERVE. It is much bigger than you. Please don’t waste too much of your time and energy going down in vibration — you have suffered so much on Earth already! Why not make it as easy and joyful as you can? Yes, you do have this power.

Make the decision to fuel your union, rather than your separation. Try this challenge, and watch what happens. Repeat daily <3.

© TwinFlameHealers 2015

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