Card For Today

Three of Earth

Our card for today, Thursday, April 19th, is taken from the Angel Tarot Cards – Three of Earth – “The power of creativity. Recognition for very high quality work. Be a “team player”.

I think we can all agree that we live in a time of great change. All we need do is look at what is happening on the world stage, whether that is politics, weather, or even just what is happening in our own part of the world. I follow a couple of Youtube channels that deal with strange weather changes, bizarre behavior of wildlife around the world, earthquakes and volcanoes, and so on. There is much that is happening and much that is difficult to wrap our minds around. We may wonder what is going on and what we can do. The most important thing we can do right now is not go into fear, which is hard to do at times, but we need to remember that there is a grand plan at work here and God does in fact know what He is doing. We are asked to have faith and trust that everything will work out for the good of all.

Next we are asked to use our own particular gifts and talents to help those around us who may be experiencing difficulties. For example if we live in an area where the power has gone out due to storms, if we know there are elderly people living in the neighborhood, it helps to check on them, make sure they have a way to stay warm and that they have food. This may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but to those we help it will mean a lot. And just imagine if everyone on the planet adopted this attitude of helping each other when times are tough, what a difference it would make to the world at large. I watched a video of a severe hail storm in the Middle East where they are not used to having hail, they live in the desert! The animals were dying because of being hit by the hail and people were out trying to get as many animals, including camels, to safety. Many still died because they couldn’t save them all, but it was a team effort to save what they could. So there is no excuse for not doing anything in difficult situations, if we can help one person or animal, then we are contributing to the greater good.

So even though we may feel small and helpless in times of crisis, there is always something we can do, even if it doesn’t seem like much to us at the time. We are being asked to remember that we are part of a greater community now and to remember that we are all in this together. In case anyone has forgotten, we are going through the ascension process and no one said this was going to be easy. We are experiencing the birthing process as a collective and birth can be messy and painful. We just need to remember this and to keep shining our light in the darkness to help others who are unaware of what is happening find their way home too.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love & Light,
Carolyn & My Spirit Team

Artwork taken from the Angel Tarot Cards, Three of Earth.

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