Card For Today


Our card for today, Friday, April 27th, is taken from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards – You’re Being Helped – “Heaven is working behind the scenes to help you, even if you don’t see results yet.”

It can be frustrating, and even worrisome, when we need help with a situation and we have prayed and prayed about it seemingly to no avail. However we can’t begin to see the bigger picture or what is going on behind the scenes. We just have to have faith and trust that even if things aren’t happening for us now, it doesn’t mean that they won’t happen or that our prayers are not being heard. We are assured that our prayers are heard and they are answered – “13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” (John 14:13-14 NIV) Sometimes the timing is off, maybe a person needs to be in place or something else needs to happen first before our prayer can be answered. And sometimes it is not the Divine Right Time. God has His own timing for things and it may not coincide with our own time when we want it right now. I don’t know about all of you but I can guarantee you that patience is a life lesson I came here to learn, and I still have some work to do on that one too.

This doesn’t only apply to our own personal situations that we need help with, this applies to whatever is happening on the world stage. We may grumble and complain about how long this ascension process is taking, or that “the event” hasn’t happened yet, or disclosure is taking too long, or whatever else is happening or not happening that we have been praying about. Just because we can’t see any visible changes yet doesn’t mean it’s not happening or getting ready to happen. Speaking as a Twin Flame, how many of us are absolutely fed up with waiting for our Twins to get their act together and wake up? Again, just because we can’t see any visible results doesn’t mean it’s not happening on several levels. And again, in this matter as in all others, patience is a virtue! So hang in there and be patient, as hard as it is sometimes, and have faith and trust that everything will work out for the highest good of all in the end.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love & Light,
Carolyn & My Spirit Team

Artwork taken from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards, You’re Being Helped.


2 thoughts on “Card For Today

  1. Thank you so much for today’s card. I too am waiting for my Twin to wake up and smell the coffee. I have some days when the patience is excruciatingly painful – it’s so difficult for me as well. Sometimes it’s also hard to have the trust that’s needed as well and so often have been on the verge if walking away but something always stops me. Maybe we make it harder on ourselves but patience and trust in the Universe to deliver are huge factors here. We will get there in the end and it will be worth it. xx


    • Hi Angela, Thank you for your response to my card reading. I’m going to be honest with you and say this, I have walked away from the man I believed to be my Twin for 10 years. He lies, he cheats, his attitude towards me is almost or maybe is abusive. He tells me he loves me and then walks over me to talk to someone else. Days, weeks, months go by with no word from him, but it’s just me he’s not talking to because he’s on Whatsapp, and he’s on Facebook, it’s just not to talk to me. When I asked him why he doesn’t want to talk more, he said he was too busy and too tired. Well that seems to only apply to me! I have lost whatever grip I had on unconditional love, lol.

      I have been doing some research of people who are highly respected in the spirituality field, people like Doreen Virtue and Deepak Chopra, and others, and they say that the Twin Flame is a karmic relationship and that’s all it is. Doreen talks about her own relationship with her Twin and how hard it was. Then she decided to walk away from it and to call in her soul mate. She met an amazing man who I’m not sure was physical on the planet at the time because he said he heard her call to him. Maybe he’s a walk in, or who knows. We know God works in mysterious ways and so anything is possible right? And I did an online webinar with Angelina Heart back in late 2009 I think, and in that she said our Twins are first and foremost a stream of consciousness and if it doesn’t work with one person, our Twin can come through someone else for us. There are some I’m aware of who ended things with their Twin and then met someone else who still had all the main characteristics of their Twin. So who knows.

      It got to the point for me where I decided enough was enough and blocked my Twin on everything, he will have to really care that I’m gone and then he’s going to have to be very creative to reach me. In the meantime, I leave it up to God that if it is meant to be it will still be and if not, I have now called in my soul mate so I’m interested in seeing what happens next. I’m not saying any of this to try to convince you to do the same as I have now done, but if you are as fed up as I am, there is no shame in leaving the situation. I have also read that some of them won’t make the necessary changes within themselves if we are still hanging around begging them to come back.

      There are some Twins who have reunited and have made it work like Lee and Sherry, you can find their channel on Youtube and they have a Facebook page that I think is called Relationship Reinvented. There are also some Twins who reunited, got married and then later got divorced. This is not an easy relationship to be sure and I for one am bone tired of fighting for something he seems to not give one iota about. The choice is yours on what you do, I just thought I would share with you what I have chosen to do, it’s almost 3 months now since I had any contact with him at all. He may be thinking I will come back because this isn’t the first time I have done this to him, and I always give in and unblock him and then I reach out again. Not this time, I don’t care anymore if he’s my Twin or not, I deserve better than what he’s been showing me, and maybe that was the lesson I needed to learn in this, to not accept less than what I deserve in a relationship, no matter what it’s called. Take care.



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