Card For Today

Blocks Lifted

Our card for today, Thursday, May 17th, is taken from the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards – Blocks Lifted – “Previous obstacles came from fear, and they are now lifted away.”

This card is telling us that for the most part, our biggest obstacle to being able to manifest our desires is fear, and now that fear is being taken away. This is not talking about fear of our desire not manifesting, it’s fear that it will manifest! Ah now there’s something most of us didn’t expect. It’s like “what do you mean, you think I was afraid of my heart’s desire showing up??” Well yes, that is exactly what this is talking about! Stop and think about it for a minute and let’s use the desire for our soul mate, which many of us have, as an example.

We want desperately to manifest our soul mate into our lives, we want it so bad it’s almost unbearable. Then we go somewhere, to a get-together, or out to dinner with friends, or even just shopping for groceries, and bam, there is this person that looks like the one we have been dreaming of! He or she meets all the criteria we have been longing for! But wait, I’m not ready, I still want to lose that 10 or 20 pounds, or I can’t let them see me because I’m not dressed in my best attire, or I have no makeup on, or I didn’t bother to shave today, or I still need to work on myself, or any other excuse we can think of. And so instead of coming into contact with this person, we walk the other way.

This same idea can go for any desire we have that we are trying to manifest into our physical reality. We want it, that’s not an issue, but do we feel ready for it to manifest? Sometimes we can talk ourselves out of manifesting our desire because we are unsure of what it will mean for us, how it might change our lives, and we are not sure we are ready to handle the consequences of receiving it. It’s like wanting a new house, but then when we might have the opportunity of getting one, well now we start to think about all the packing and unpacking we will have to do and we don’t feel ready to take that on just yet, so it moves further away. However it is time to put away those fears and anything else that keeps us from manifesting our desire right now, and open our hearts and our lives to receive our desires.

If we go back to the soul mate again, do you think that this person, if they are the one meant for us, is going to really care about the extra weight, or that we haven’t shaved today, or we are not wearing makeup? Of course not! These fears come from our own feelings of unworthiness, that maybe we don’t deserve to have this person in our lives. And again that goes for anything we are trying to manifest. Of course we are worthy and of course we deserve every good thing that this life has to offer. Remember this is our ego mind coming up with things to keep us from manifesting our desired reality. Sometimes it’s like the ego is happiest when we are unhappy. However who we are in truth as a King’s kid is very worthy. So let the fears go, be open to change, and be ready to receive!

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love & Light,
Carolyn & My Spirit Team

Artwork taken from the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards, Blocks Lifted.

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