Card For Today

Miracle Healing

Our card for today, Friday, May 18th, is taken from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards – Miracle Healing – “Expect a miracle. You have prayed for assistance, and it is forthcoming. The more completely you surrender your situation to God, the more rapidly you will realize your healing.”

This card is telling us that a miracle is on its way! It is telling us to EXPECT a miracle. There is no maybe a miracle is coming, this is an assurance that a miracle is in fact forthcoming. Our job is to keep the faith, stay positive, give gratitude for it, and be open to receive it. Every prayer is heard and answered, even if that answer is sometimes no. However when the answer to our prayer is no, it is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact it never is a bad thing, even if to us it feels that way.

When God says no in answer to our prayer, it’s because He has something so much greater in store for us, something we can’t even begin to imagine right now. Remember God sees the bigger picture that we from our vantage point can’t see right now. We may not know the reasons He says no sometimes, but I guarantee you that He has the very best reasons for saying no. He sees what we need for our highest and greatest good, and perhaps what we asked for doesn’t measure up to that because we ourselves don’t always know what is in our highest good.

However even when God says no to our prayer, rest assured that is not the end of it. If we can trust and keep the faith, and remain positive as much as possible, a miracle is still coming in response to our prayer. It may not be what we asked for, or what we expect to receive, but it will be even better than our wildest dreams. The question is, can we hold onto our faith and trust and be open to receive our miracle when it comes, even if it’s not quite what we expected?

We can hold fast to our request and, like a petulant child, refuse to accept anything other than what we asked for, but in doing so it is only ourselves that we hurt. If we do this, chances are we will miss the answer to our prayer, our very own miracle, and then blame God for not answering our prayer. “What man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone?” (Matthew 7:9) Jesus used this analogy to make sure we understood that God WANTS to give good things to His children when they ask Him. We need to put our faith and trust in our Heavenly Father to answer our prayers in the way He knows will be best for us. Can we do that? If the answer is “YES” then stand ready for that miracle to arrive!

Affirmation: In truth, everything and everyone, including myself, is healed right now. I focus on this truth, instead of on illusions of fear. (Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards Guidebook)

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love & Light,
Carolyn & My Spirit Team

Artwork taken from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards, Miracle Healing.


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