Card For Today

Your Inner Guidance is Real and Trustworthy

Our card for today, Thursday, May 24th, is taken from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards – Your Inner Guidance is Real and Trustworthy – “My Prayer: Please help me clearly hear, see, feel, and know the Divine guidance that I have asked and prayed for. Allow me to keep my ego out of the way so your wisdom can come streaming through me…for my own benefit and for those around me.”

When we have asked for guidance concerning any situation we may find ourselves in, we can rest assured that guidance will be forthcoming. The question is, will we pay attention to it when it comes? Let’s put it this way, guidance will not come as writing in the sky, or a very large billboard with the answer we seek written on it, or a broadcast on a radio or TV program. Usually guidance comes in a still small voice so to speak. We may get a nudge to take a different route to work than our usual one, or an idea will pop into our heads about something, or we get a gut feeling about a person or situation. Most often we tend to brush these nudges, ideas and feelings off as just our imaginations.

However what if we followed that nudge, or idea, or feeling and it led us to something or someone who might be important in what we asked for guidance for in the first place? What if we had trusted that gut feeling and saved ourselves a lot of heartache and pain down the road? If we truly want to live a spirit guided life, then we have to trust our instincts or intuition, and those nudges, feelings, and ideas, and do whatever it is it is telling us to do. Sometimes, especially at the beginning if we are not used to doing this, it may seem like a leap of faith, a very large leap in some cases, but if we follow this guidance it can lead to amazing things happening in our lives. If we ignore the guidance we are receiving and don’t act on it, eventually we will stop receiving it.

Sometimes it may seem like we followed that nudge, or feeling, or idea, and it didn’t turn out to be much of anything. However sometimes we are being tested to see if we are paying attention and willing to follow the guidance we receive. Then the next question will be, how much faith and trust do we have? Just because we listened and followed and it seems like nothing happened, doesn’t mean that something didn’t happen. Just maybe we played a part in someone else’s life that we are unaware of. We won’t always know why we were led to do something, or to go somewhere, or to take a new route to work today. We just have to trust that there was a very good reason why we received the inspiration to do so. It’s time to start paying attention to this guidance and acting on it because God does work in mysterious ways.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love & Light,
Carolyn & My Spirit Team

Artwork taken from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards, Your Inner Guidance is Real and Trustworthy.


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