Card For The Weekend

Your Heavenly Father Knoweth

Our card for the weekend, May 26th & 27th, is taken from the Loving Words from Jesus Card Deck – “Your heavenly Father knoweth that you have need of all these things.” (Matthew 6:32)

This card assures us that God, our Heavenly Father, knows everything we need before we even ask Him, however He wants us to ask Him, to come to Him in prayer and tell Him what we need. It’s not that He needs us to ask, it’s because He likes us to commune with Him, to talk to Him just like we would with our earthly father when we need something. Don’t you think our earthly fathers miss us when we stay away and don’t talk to them for a long time? Of course they do! And the same goes for our Heavenly Father. He doesn’t NEED us to commune with Him, because He is after all the Creator of all things, He WANTS us to commune with Him.

He wants us to turn to Him for all our needs and desires, just as He wants us to be grateful to Him for all that we already have. Some will say “well if He knows what we need, then why doesn’t He just give it to us?” It doesn’t work that way, we have free will to ask Him or not. Don’t you see? God loves us more than we can imagine being loved by anyone or anything. It was that love for us that had Him send Jesus to die for our sins so that through Him we might know eternal life. And through Jesus we might also learn just how much we are loved by our Heavenly Father. God could have created us to automatically love Him, but where would be the fulfillment or pleasure in that? What He wants is for us to love Him of our own accord and not because He created us that way. We are free to make that choice.

He doesn’t want to see us suffer, He wants us to have every good thing that life has to offer, but He wants us to come to Him in prayer and ask Him for His help. And even if that thing we want or need is not given to us, for whatever reason, maybe because it’s not for our highest good, it doesn’t mean that He doesn’t love us, it means that He loves us enough to say “no” sometimes. And if that answer is “no”, then we can trust Him to give us something better than what we asked for. We have to believe, really believe, that God is love and that He loves us, each and every one of us, more than our earthly father does. We can’t begin to know a love so great that He keeps our best interests and highest good at heart always. He sent Jesus here to show us just how much He loves us, doesn’t that tell us enough? Do we still have to question His love?

So bring your troubles and burdens to God and trust that His love for you will not let you down. He knows what is best for you and if you keep the faith, you will see the results in your life. Remember He is never further than a prayer away and He’s waiting on you to come to Him.

Have a great weekend everyone! ~Namaste~

Love & Light,
Carolyn & My Spirit Team

Artwork taken from the Loving Words from Jesus Card Deck.

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