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Our card for today, Tuesday, June 5th, is taken from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards – Freedom – “Walk away from restrictions and be free! You have the power and the right to change your life so that you experience more freedom.”

We live in a society where we often feel restricted by what is deemed normal or acceptable. There are certain things we are not supposed to talk about or do if we want to be accepted and have friends. However we place restrictions on each other too. In Canada and the US we are supposed to have freedom of speech and yet there are things we say sometimes that gets taken the wrong way and causes issues. For example today, here in Newfoundland, Canada, we had snow, not much but enough to cover surfaces making them look white and so that also means it’s been rather cold for June. I saw a couple of posts in my news feed on Facebook where people made some complaints about the snow.

I don’t often comment on things, but today I decided to make a comment on one of those posts talking about the snow that said this: “We live in a place where the population isn’t being ravaged by some horrible disease, we don’t have volcanoes erupting causing loss of life or loss of homes, we don’t have a corrupt government killing people, and we don’t have bombs falling from the sky, so if a little snow is all we have to complain about, I think we are doing great!” Well that was a mistake on my part because I guess my comment was somehow taken the wrong way. The person who wrote the original post commented on what I said, saying she wasn’t complaining, and I wrote a reply to her comment stating that what I said wasn’t meant to offend her, but before I could post my reply to her she had deleted my comment and hers so there was nothing for me to reply to. I sent her a private message saying that my comment wasn’t meant to offend her and she wrote back saying “Thank you, no harm done”.

At first I was surprised that she had deleted my comment and then I was hurt, so yes there was harm done. I honestly didn’t see the issue with what I had said. Other people commented on the post talking about the weather in Newfoundland and how it’s supposed to be spring and so on, but she didn’t delete those comments. Maybe I’m being over sensitive here, and a definite lesson learned on my part, but here is the thing. If you post something on Facebook you leave it open for people to make comments, that’s part of being on social media and part of the reason I don’t post much myself on Facebook. Sure I share posts that I like but I don’t post much when it comes to my personal life because frankly it’s nobody’s business. Even with these card readings I do I get blow back from some people and that played a big part in why I took a break from doing the readings for several months.

Perhaps you are all wondering what this has to do with our card Freedom. Don’t we all want to be heard? I have lived most of my life trying to filter what I say because I don’t want to hurt or offend anyone. Now at my age when I finally feel comfortable enough in my own skin and I want to speak my truth while still trying not to hurt or offend anyone, what happened today just took me back to school where I was an outcast for the most part and I hardly spoke to anyone. My beliefs and thoughts are not the “norm”, even in my own circle of family and friends. Everyone around me gets to voice their complaints or their thoughts about things happening in the world but me. I get laughed at when I say something that goes against what everyone else is saying or believing.

There is this show on Netflix called “13 Reasons Why”. It’s about a high-school girl who committed suicide and the reasons why she did it. I’m sure many could relate to what happened to not only her but to other kids in that school. Unless of course you were one of the popular kids, in which case you probably loved school. I probably wouldn’t have watched the show, but my daughter who suffers from anxiety and depression watched it and wanted me to watch it too. One of the things I took from that show is that we all have a voice and we all deserve to be heard and not be ridiculed or shamed for whatever it is we have to say as long as it causes no harm to anyone.

Sometimes I wonder just how far we have come from high-school when I see how we treat each other today as adults. Perhaps when something is said that we don’t understand or don’t like, it might be an idea to talk about it, to open a dialog, instead of shutting someone down because we don’t agree with what was said. We have to give others and ourselves the freedom to be who they, and who we ourselves, truly are. Otherwise we are going to continue to wear masks, pretending to be someone or something we are not so that we can be accepted by our peers. That my friends is not freedom. True freedom is in being who we really are, our authentic selves, and in allowing other people to be who they truly are too without judgment or ridicule because we don’t like or understand who they are. When Jesus said “Love one another”, He didn’t qualify that command with “love them if they are like you, love them if they believe as you do, love them if they are the same color or the same religion”. His command was clear, we are to love each other no matter what our differences may be.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love & Light,
Carolyn & My Spirit Team

Artwork taken from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, Freedom.


2 thoughts on “Card For Today

  1. Another beautiful card. This one spoke to me today because in one week I will be leaving my part-time job to go to Hawaii and I will have the freedom to work on my blog which is what I have been wanting. When I am confronted with a person who doesn’t understand me I repeat the Ho’oponopono prayer in my mind. I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thankyou. Have a beautiful day!

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