Card For Today


Our card for today, Monday, June 25th, is taken from the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards – Authenticity – “Trust that your real self, whom God created Divinely perfect, has the strength and knowledge needed for this situation.”

Whatever situation, trial or tribulation we face, this card assures us that we have whatever it takes to work this out for the highest good of all involved. Let’s look at it this way, we are all the King’s kids, meaning we are all created by God, as pieces of Him to experience life in this dimension. We know that God is Love and that means we too must be Love if we are particles of God. This also means that everyone on this planet, in spite of color, culture, sexual orientation, country or religion is our brother or sister in God. Jesus said we are to love each other, no exceptions. So if we are uncertain as to how to settle a disagreement, or how to work through any situation, we can look at it from the point of view of “what would love do?” There is a saying: “No matter the question, love is always the answer.” By Gail Lynne Goodwin. So if we are being true to who and what we are, we will always find a solution for any situation through love.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love & Light,
Carolyn & My Spirit Team

Artwork taken from the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards, Authenticity.


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