Card For Today

Crystal Magic

Our card for today, Thursday, July 5th, is taken from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle – Crystal Magic – Meanings: Creation, Dawn, The beginning.

Crystals are very powerful tools used in healing, protection, strengthening our aura, mental clarity and much more. Crystals actually store energy and information, and can release that information when we meditate on them. The faery on this card is pulling energy from the crystals showing us that they can help restore our own energy when we feel depleted. Crystals help keep negativity away from us and out of our homes, as well as helping us expand our consciousness, open our hearts and heal many ailments.

I love crystals and have quite a collection of them. I keep some here near my computer and I have some placed around my home and many in my bedroom, especially on my ancestral altar, which has become an angel altar, and a Twin Flame altar, as well as an altar to Gaia (Mother Earth), God and Jesus as well. (Picture below) There are many kinds of crystals and they all have different uses that you can find information about online. For example, rose quartz is the stone of love, romantic love and unconditional love; amethyst promotes calm, balance, and peace; clear quartz aids your connection with spirit. There are many other crystals, too many to go into here.

When I buy crystals I generally choose the ones that resonate with me, as in I love the color of the crystal, and the “feel” of the crystal when I hold it in my hand. I also have a collection of small crystal hearts that I like to wear or carry in my pocket for protection when I go out. Crystals vary in size and price so you can get a couple even if you are on a budget. Of course you also must take care of your crystals by cleansing them and then recharging them in the sunlight or moonlight, which I like to do about once a month or so. Just know that different crystals require different cleansing methods and again you can look that up online for the crystals you have. Crystals are here to help us in many ways and one can never have too many!

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love & Light,
Carolyn & My Spirit Team

Artwork taken from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle, Crystal Magic.

Ancestral Altar


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