About Me:

As a CERTIFIED ANGEL CARD READER® it is my mission to be a conduit (telephone) between you and Spirit (Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Self and God) to give you a clear and accurate message(s). The messages and answers I receive are in direct relation to your specific question or just generally what you need to know right now at this stage of your journey. Messages are given using card/s as well as my own intuition and communications with Spirit (my Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Self and God).

All readings will be carried out using one or more Tarot or Oracle Card Decks. What decks I use will be dependent on what it is you want to know.

Payment for a reading is as follows:

1 card reading (simple answer) – $5

3 card reading (past, present, future) – $15

6 card reading (True Love Spread) – $25

10 card reading (Celtic Cross) – $35

To request a reading, please fill out the form below stating your situation or concern that you would like a reading for and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Readings will be done when payment is received. Please use the payment button on this blog. Thank you.


– Thank you!!! I appreciate the reading its very accurate!!!! its the first correct reading I’ve had in 30 yrs!!!!! Thank you!!!

– Thank you soooo much, I can relate to your reading.. And I do need to let go and have fun I think… You are beautiful xoxo

– Hello Aurora, thank you so much, what you tell me is amazing 😀 wonderful 😀

– Thank you, you have been a wonderful clear channel for the angels, you are an angel 😀

– I can finally see a clearer picture now. Thank you so much for this reading!! You’ve helped me out a ton!! Hehe. You’re so awesome 😀 May you shine more light on others to find their paths in life!!

– I really appreciate the thorough write-up! All makes sense!

A little more about me:

I have had a fascination with Tarot cards for as long as I can remember and have always had a deck or two just to do readings for myself, my sisters and friends. I would go to a “professional” Tarot Card reader when I wanted answers for myself because I didn’t trust what I was getting for myself. They would always tell me that they didn’t understand why I was coming to them when I can do this for myself, that I too have a gift. It wasn’t until I took the Certified Angel Card Readers course with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, and as a student was asked to give and receive readings with other students, that I felt comfortable giving readings to strangers. I went on to do the Advanced Certified Angel Card Readers course later that same year. I have been told I have a gift and so I created this blog to put myself out there as a Tarot and Oracle Card reader.

The other purpose of this blog is for me to pull a card each day that will give a general message to my readers. This is my way of spreading love and light on this planet. I have always been on a spiritual journey, as has everyone else on the planet, but when I met a man in January of 2008, who I thought to be my Twin Flame, my spiritual journey began in earnest. It turned out that the man I met was not my true Twin but held his essence long enough to wake me up to my path. I became aware of my true Twin Rob when he crossed over on July 24th, 2010. He has been with me, in spirit, ever since and he even helps me with the readings. I have learned so much over the past few years about who and what I am and why I am here, and doing these readings is part of my life purpose.

I hope that my daily card readings offer guidance and inspiration to those who read them. From the comments I receive, I believe that they do just that.

In love and light,
Carolyn & Rob


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Congratulations!

    I haven’t had a reading with you, but I sense you do have the gift.
    I understand you have fees and of course you had to invest to polish your gift in order to share yout light and I consider affordable compare to others outthere taking advantage of people’s vulnerability..

    I look forward to have a chance soon when out of work.


    • When you are ready, you can let me know and the “Purchase a Reading” button is on the “Home” page where I post the readings I do. All I will need is the reading you want done, any specific question or questions you might want answered, and when I receive payment I will do your reading. Take care.

      Love and Light,


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