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I thought this was a new post by Aluna Joy as it was posted as a “new” post on Elizabeth Farrimond’s Facebook page, however it was posted January 1, 2015. I do think the info is relevant for the beginning of this year of 2017 and it’s a great read with great info.


Elizabeth Farrimond

The Star Elders with Aluna Joy

We know that you can feel it coming. Something big is about to shift. Your hearts are fluttering to a new rhythm. What is coming will be unlike anything that you have yet to experience . . . but it is something you have been wishing for. This is great validation for all the hard work that you have been doing for a very long time.

We say that you might feel like you have been shot from a cannon after having been in a long incubation period (since 12/2012). Creation is going to begin to move very quickly now. So buckle your seat belts please! This might feel like random pulses of cosmic adrenalin rushes that do not seem to be connected to any of the usual know sources (solar flares, earth quakes, global events, etc…). This is because what is pulsing through you now is not from the old world, but is from coming from the new one that you cannot see as yet.

There will be many weird and wild wobbles as upgraded time and space morphs around you. Depth perception and vision will be unreliable along with a plethora of other new and strange symptoms. Technology will also be acting up regularly. Be patient. You might feel that everything that you think you are is out of date; some of this is true. Quickly dump now what is not supporting your future. Heal your relationships that you wish to move forward with. You might feel called to cleanse your physical body and spend more time clearing your heart as well. You may feel quite out of sync with the old physical/material world as it fades away along with memory and history. Be mindful of your surrounding and be careful. Be clear before you act. Don’t leap until you are ready.

You will now begin to see sudden clearings and healings, along with the return of the long missed, synchronistic events in your lives. Everything you asked for will begin to manifest within the energy field (your emotional feeling) that you asked for. Pray for all those who still live and act from self-absorbed, unloving and unforgiving perspectives. This will be extra challenging for them. “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Your lives must be lived in a state of love and forgiveness. Forgiveness cannot happen unless you let go of the past. This is especially necessary now as your past is dissolving.

The drama surrounding and connected to a huge plethora of old twisted up and simply insane karmic cords and programs are imploding. These are the dysfunctional cords and mis-qualified creative power that created trauma, drama and war for eons. We see these running through families, countries and worlds. You will either be challenged and healed of these karmic cords, or you will be divinely separated from them.

Ready your selves to leap into the unknown space you call the future. This requires you to have a brave new heart. This time heralds an urgent call to birth this new heart, and to begin again. This is what is called “twice born”. You must set your hearts not on what you have been, but to what you will be. Who you will be is your authentic and divine self. This is living in the divine state of presence and holistic mastery.

Just like the ancient Goddess Maat who weighed hearts of those ones entering their final journey, your hearts are being measured now without the finality of your physical lives. This is a full body / soul reboot. The lighter the heart, the closer to your goal you will be. It is time to lighten up, clean the slate, and let go of toxic situations.

By summers end and early fall the world will look and feel a lot different. You might find yourself gaining instant clarity and insights. Your soul will feel set free from a prison you did not know you were in. Many struggles will be resolved. Many intentions will be realized. The worlds challenging issues will begin to settle down as humanity learns global and collective lessons. You will not only know but FEEL that all humanity is one. We know you feel concerned about the outcome now, but in spite of your momentary lack of future vision right now, there is a divine plan at work, and it is right on time . . . and so are YOU!

Have love and forgiveness in your hearts, and have faith in all the powerful ground work that you have laid down. This time is the fruition of lifetimes. It will manifest a new garden, and it is getting ready to spout!

Aluna Joy Yaxkin © www.AlunaJoy.com 1995-2013

12/12 Stargate/Gateway by Lisa Transcendence Brown


Aloha beautiful love family,

We are nearing the activation of our 12/12 Stargate/Gateway… and a powerful one it shall be!

I was surprised last night that I “forgot” about it. lol… because normally it/they would have activated by now….

As we near, usually it opens about 3 days early, so we shall see. I will post, of course…

Each December Gateway has been substantially more powerful than the one before. Starting with 2012, and this one is surmountable (not one of my words and had to look it up).

When it begins, there will be cycles, initiations and phases to complete. This completion year is in a completion too! Huge.

Each human year, we cannot go into the next one and carry anything with us. All unconscious programs and realities that surface or play out…. all have to be resolved from within.

The period up through and the couple of weeks after the SOLstice take us DEEPER into our/the Galactic Core…. to the depths of our BEing and return us to an existence that is PURE.

Hidden deep beneath all human’ness is profound sacred love, deep sacred respect, integrity, compassion and kindness…

Last year, Earth completed it’s Ascension into the 5th+ Dimension, and since then every physical thing, every inhabitant has cleansed anything that is not in alignment with these higher frequency bandwidths of higher dimensions and atmospheres merging in this physical one here.

This merging/integration/converging wreaks havoc on all things unconscious. Relationships, jobs, finances, physical world possessions, the physical body… all TOUCHED by Soul Awakenings, Ascension and Embodiment now.

This continual process brings all further into higher consciousness existence. No stones left unturned. If it was hidden and buried, it shall become visible. For everyone.

The SURPRISE is not usually what anyone thought. What the human wanted, this technically does not matter when it’s time for the Soul to emerge, from inside the body….

The activation of your Higher Selves and an entire Entourage to connect with… these BEings that you activate will BECOME you and you them. No separation, nothing floating around outside anymore, you will have to learn to navigate and maneuver as a Multi-Dimensional Light BEing here. This alone will challenge every aspect of your human.

The application of higher wisdom and knowledge to how you function and do your days/life… there is no more “one day I’ll get around to it” or “when it’s convenient for me”. Convenience goes out the window until you merge fully with all of your aspects here and LEARN/REMEMBER how to function AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT in your own physical realm reality here.

What transpires is the most magnificent and magical realities, your DREAMS AND DESIRES (according to your SOUL, not your human) start to arrive/emerge/materialize in your physical reality here. Things you could not comprehend, didn’t think possible… every bit of it is. Not only is it possible, it HAS TO HAPPEN.

We have been on NEW Earth for years. It is beyond brilliant to experience, yet you are the ONE that dictates your own experience here. You birth and build the foundation with a whole new value system and way of functioning for holding higher vibrational realities in place.

Full gifts and powers, full abundance, total peace and the most exquisite everything…. when you allow this to BE your reality fully again. Everything just waits for you… for you to let go, for you to connect up to the gridwork inside of you and to all.

This passage that we enter into…. while it shakes loose any remnants of anything left, it physically moves everyone into a higher vibrational reality, a higher frequency bandwidth existence….

So, get ready…. buckle up and let go….. Breathe PURITY THROUGH YOUR CELLS and REMEMBER… this is what you signed up for, have waited for and all comes to you when you are truly ready inside.

I love you! Have a magical day full of love. It is an honor to be here with you all during these vibrational realities now!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Crystalline Consciousness and NEW Earth Key Code Holder, Re-Educator through Higher Consciousness Existence ∞

POWERFUL AWAKENINGS NOW by Lisa Trancendence Brown


Aloha beautiful light family!

Happy NEW Moon and to more beautiful profound sacred, magical and blissful experiences to you!

Observing collectives, things are all over the place as distortions for many exacerbate, as separation energies surfaces, as the energy of deep hidden suppressed beliefs & emotions surface for clearing/cleansing/needing to be seen….

Many more being brought into consciousness through abrupt awakenings, still fighting/resisting opening their hearts to try to maintain separation through control. So many still energetically saying “I’m not ready, I need harsher to wake up”…..

While on the “flip-side”, the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, entire collectives having a blissful and magical time! Working together in unity, contributing, letting the old unconscious realities just completely fade out, for clearing of their own akashic records….

Whatever Earth you exist on, I send out love to you today. I hold a space for all to open their hearts fully and let the fight and resistance fall away. Many standing in their power, which is necessary, yet one can get lost in what they are standing for if they go unconscious and get all caught up in the emotion and story again. We don’t fight… we hold our ground, we take our power back by pulling our energy OUT OF CREATING THAT…..

Our voice can be silent, subtle and powerfully strong. We need not scream to make a point. Our STAND is stronger because we don’t waver …. in our honor…

WE don’t bury our heads in the sand, we choose a completely different reality than the ones that are constantly collapsing now. Collapse is what the human sees… re-construction from the rubbles of ego/lack of love built realities is what we see. NEW realities birthed AFTER the harshness, greed and separation dissolves. After the fight to hang onto old realities goes, after one’s heart/ears/eyes open to purity and truth…..

WE SEE all realities that exist. We understand how/why all has to occur. Many don’t want to hear yet, for the still have too much resistance, too much fight, too much energy that’s got to dissolve or be broken….

Where is your focus each day? What do you allow? Where is your energy directed? Where do you allow your thoughts to wander? Where do your emotions dictate? Are you conscious, aware and taking command of your own inner reality by honoring it by using your own mastery tools? Can you do the same with your physical reality? Everything outside… are you in-sync with that perfectly too? Have you totally re-aligned and do you continually re-align your own reality through the PURITY OF YOUR SOUL?

Taking a stand through higher consciousness and fighting are two different things. One is inner power the other is you trying to take your power back and expelling all of the energy that your body holds as a victim….

There’s never a reason to go on the offensive, to spew, to try to convince, get defensive or overstep the boundaries of self-respect. There’s never a reason to overstep your bounds and engage in an argument to plead your case. There is always the option of just saying “no, that’s not my reality anymore” and stepping back/walking away to refocus your energy on how to take that energy and be productive, make a difference, contribute to NEW REALITIES instead of trying to convince others of how your self-created/believed reality is true… by continuing to convince yourself and others of things that create more of the old to suffer to.

These energies are going to push any unconscious programs to the forefront to be resolved inside of you. They are going to show you what you think you believe, what stories you keep telling, what you keep fighting for or need. Need is lack. Period.

So many do not even realize they are seeking outside validation… screaming at others, thinking they are trying to get others to hear. When in essence it’s them that aren’t listening to themselves and realizing what’s really going on inside of them.

You are in a time of “RESOLVE” and establishing that connection inside and not disconnecting anymore. Everytime you disconnect, you go unconscious. Your job is to be fully conscious of yourself and what things outside are showing you about you…..

Your POWER as an Ascended Light BEing/Master is to MASTER ALL REALITIES through love. To transform all back into light. To shift the vibration of all to a higher one. To recognize your own stuff, to tune yourself, to pick the parallel you want to travel down, to see the reality that “that vibration that you are transmitting out” is creating for you and all.

When you engage an old reality, it’s to resolve it from inside of you. It’s to see the vibration of the whole reality and then to choose… and ask yourself the question… IS THIS THE REALITY THAT I TRULY DESIRE FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY BEING TO EXPERIENCE HERE? Then listen…. to everything…. every word, feeling, your body…. listen…

Watch realities, really observe them… let go of the opinions and emotional stuff… just SEEEEEEEEE… and then ask yourself, what does this reflect from inside of me? What does this show me about me? What does this ignite inside of me?

Use energy consciously………….. intentionally…. use it to make a difference AS LOVE… use it to empower, support, inspire and go get something awesome done. What you feed your energy into, you create, you experience, you reap the rewards of…. if you are feeding anything from a place of fear, hurt, lack… then you are creating this to re-experience again vibrationally until all of that energy is gone… and then you will shift, into a higher vibration… physically, with your whole body… and get to experience a different reality… one that’s been waiting for you all along, but there was too much energy before, too much resistance, too much “stuff” in the way….

Your NEW EARTH realities cannot come forth if you keep fighting them, resisting them and insisting that they are supposed to be the way you “think”. They cannot materialize as long as you are holding onto the old…. you have to be ready to receive them fully… or they cannot materialize for you as easily… for there’s something you are doing/believing/not doing that keeps them from BEING your physical reality now….

Timeline collapses now are in the multitudes…. these wreak havoc on human realities (hell) and bring forth brilliance for Soul Created realities (Heaven). Everything happens FOR YOU…. how resistant and insistent are you to try to hold onto that which must collapse for you to move into a higher frequency physical reality now? How much struggle do you have going on inside, how much conflict, how much unrest? This will tell you everything… the question is…. are you truly listening to what you already know?

Choose your Earth, your reality, your existence…. your experience is a result of this.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

This morning’s sunrise… breathe it through you! ☼

New Energy Update by Lisa Trancendence Brown


Lisa Brown
November 21 at 4:32pm · Kilauea, HI ·

These quantum timeline collapses/jumps are huge lately loves. A collapse PUSHES you…. to step it up… these are bigger/huger than ever before, so the push is bigger…. you don’t get to keep playing in the old, you don’t get to slack and live from that safe place of unconsciousness anymore.

YOU will be challenged and you’ll have to deal with anything not in-alignment with your higher consciousness existence.

Realities are collapsing in every way for those who are at the point of “getting the point”…. Where do you let other’s chaos become yours? Where do you go unconscious or do you become more conscious, aware and deal with appropriately?

We’ve had 2 days of Diamond Razor Frequencies (the day before yesterday and today). These cut through the chit. Literally. They put everything in your face, trigger anything that’s not okay, got to be resolved, dealt with… yesterday we had super mega high solar winds, kicked our linear butts to where we could not hardly work/function and just had to get through it by shifting how we function…..

Today, super strong razors again. These go for the jugular, make that which was not visible before visible and they bring frenetic/chaotic/scattered energies…. panic for those who are now faced with dealing.

These are BEYOND POWERFUL frequencies loves. You are going to be challenged to HOLD THE NEW IN PLACE, check yourselves to see where you are coming from, as the higher we go, the deeper we go and these “cut to the core” and bring all human’ness/separation/lack to the forefront… make all visible. They also require YOU to hold your higher realities in place, as the human aspect will go ballistic in these…..

YOU have to see which aspect you are, for if you have any human’ness left, it’s gonna get triggered…. it’s the point. HOW you maneuver, how you deal, where you come from, what you still allow… this is key here. These are “stop the bullshit” frequencies… not “others out there”…. you. When others bring their chaos, lack and disrespect to you, you will have to deal with it… as love and power… simultaneously. This is MASTERING the PHYSICAL…

Yesterday was PURE HEART OPENING… deeply profound, deeply beautiful, deeply sacred. These are the opposite. More love & more triggers, all in less than 24 hours…. These frequencies basically “will throw you about”… if you are not present, centered and functioning from the depth of your own inner power and purity…..

We are having to STOP OLD PROGRAMS in their tracks with these. No more playtime in the old human games.

Pay attention… check your own emotions and mindsets and see what is going on with you. Human is obnoxious, impositional, pushy, doesn’t get it yet. Often, it will be up to you to RE-EDUCATE according to your own higher understandings through your inner wisdom heart-soul. Human aspects just waking up don’t realize or understand… they also don’t want to hear it or deal with it. Those times (vibrations) are over. This is WHY those physical realities are collapsing. They were built on separation consciousness (unconsciousness).

Here we go. More profound, more love, more magic, more awesome and more chit being triggered so it can be visible for you to choose…. This is how it is ….

Do you get sucked into other’s collapses while they work their own stuff out? Do you take their own inner/outer battle and fight on as your own? Do you try to take their experience away from them or do you require that they come from love and respect too? Do you hold the new in place or do you go back to old earth realities to try to play again/still?

WE are always in “Choice Point” now loves….. Peace, bliss and magic are a result of holding higher consciousness realities in place. You can’t have both. Or you are not done yet. ♥

I love you. These powerful Diamond Light Activation are huge. Physical realities will be rocked when they are not built on the foundation of purity and love as a soul here. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

The Arcturian Group ~ Powerful Energies of Light Are Creating a New World Awareness by Marilyn Raffaele


By Marilyn Raffaele, 11/20/2016

Greetings dear ones. All is proceeding according to plan even though it may seem to you that the world is going backwards. Powerful energies of Light are creating a new world awareness resulting in battles between the old and the new. New frequencies of Light are exposing information and those who benefit from leaving things as they are, do not like it.

This is what will bring change although it cannot happen in a moment for the majority needs time to process what they are becoming aware of. Those who are more intuitively awake know what it is they are seeing, and their realization of the truth behind all appearances is what is helping to dissolve these old energies.

Every individual is consciously or unconsciously journeying toward full awakening but not everyone is at the same level of awareness at the same time. Old souls are those who have lived and learned through many lifetimes, whereas newer souls may have been only on earth several times and still need many more life experiences before they will be ready to move into higher levels of awareness.

Continue to send Light and love to the world, visualizing earth and all her life forms as pure Light, for this is what they really are. This makes you Lightworkers. A lightworker is anyone who not only knows the truth but lives it, in the realization that in spite of appearances to the contrary everyone is a Spark of the one Divine Light.

Many continue to think of lightworkers as being only those spiritually gifted individuals doing healing work, teaching, or channeling. This belief is a facet of the belief in separation for in truth everyone is a spiritual being and every activity becomes Lightwork when done with awakened eyes and ears.

Lightwork is the natural effect of an evolved state of consciousness, one that without conscious effort can lift the energy of those receptive. Even the most seemingly insignificant of daily interactions are Lightwork when they flow on energy streams of true Love and Light.

The time has arrived for mankind to cease declaring everything as either good or bad. This is duality and separation for nothing exists but the Divine in expression and to limit any person, place, or thing as less than that is third dimensional consciousness. Nothing exists that is not in its truest sense, spiritual. The un-awakened state of consciousness ignorant of truth, judges by appearances and then places labels on everything. You are ready to stop playing this game.

Stay centered in what you know to be truth, aware that the energy of concern and worry you may flow to something adds energy and power to it. Pretending not to see discord by sticking your head in the sand and shouting; “God is all”, is very human. No, as enlightened beings, you are learning not to give power to appearances knowing that belief in and fear of anything perpetuates it. You can then take whatever assisting human footsteps you may be intuitively guided to take, if any. Actions done from this higher sense of awareness carry a higher energetic resonance becoming Lightwork.

Because the world is quickly moving into a seasonal time of giving and celebration, we wish to speak of Care or caring, a term that is commonly understood to mean consideration of another’s feelings, needs, and general welfare. It is this, but much more.

Caring is actually one of the first steps everyone makes in their soul journey toward attaining the consciousness of unconditional love. In reality caring and love are one and the same, but this fact is usually not known by those unaware of deeper truths. Caring is usually an individual’s first experience of interconnectedness, especially for those who limit their expressions of love only to family and friends.

This is part of the loving service that pets can provide. Accepting responsibility for a pet may be the first time an individual has had the experience of caring for another. A pet’s natural ability to love provides the individual with experiences that will begin to open him to unconditional love despite the fact that he may believe he is simply taking care of an animal’s basic needs.

In order to move into the deeper truths of oneness and love, one must first learn to care. However, if not alert to the vast amounts of “pretend caring” floating about in the material world, those new to the emotions of caring can find themselves in situations of codependency doing whatever is asked of them and giving away their power in the belief that they are caring.

Just as is true of loving, so it is true of caring that spiritual actions never mean being a doormat–the surrender of ones personal power–no matter how much pressure may be present.

Some so called actions of caring are nothing more than platitudes of pretense and this can be easily seen in the actions of some (not all) corporations and businesses that promote their caring activities as a means of placing themselves in better public light for financial gain.

The un-awakened ego often uses “pretend caring” to prove to itself and others how wonderful and unselfish it is. This type of caring is based in duality and separation but even this can be a first step for those just beginning to awaken. When donating to charities, always use your intuition and do your research, for not all “caring charities” are serving on the highest levels in spite of how they may promote themselves.

We speak of caring because many are beginning to shift into more enlightened ways of seeing the world which in turn is opening many more to emotions of caring. World events are being known about and seen almost immediately through the rapid circulation of photos and news. This is bringing the plight of others face front to many who have up to now lived each day comfortably secure in believing whatever they are told by those in positions of authority.

Caring action serves to open the heart and prepare it for the higher truths of love when spiritually ready. Acts of caring serve to change the consensus energy and open it to new levels. Caring in its truest and highest sense is; “I care because I know who you are. I see your struggles because I too have faced struggles. I care because you remind me of myself, and make me ponder what would I do in your situation. I care because I am you.”

Because the world is entering a time of seasonal celebration, promotional ideas of love and caring are flowing from all directions, the majority of which are based in financial goals and three dimensional concepts, not love. During the upcoming seasonal time stay alert and centered. Learn to recognize the hype of pretend caring, seeing it for what it is and not allowing it to become yours.

The energies of earth have become increasingly intense and are manifesting through all levels of consciousness. All serious students of truth must stay alert, for it is very easy to align with the energies of political unrest and commercialism as they are pushed to you moment by moment each day–activities that express the material concepts of a world still lost in duality and separation.

Stay centered and focused within, as best you can at all times. If or when you feel yourself slipping into some level of world hypnotism, pause right where you are and realize just for a second; “I AM”. This can be enough to lift you out of it for denser energies cannot enter into the higher. If you do find yourself well and good in the illusions of sense, do not judge yourself to have failed, for there is no such thing, you just begin again, now more alert and aware.

Let your holiday season acts of caring never be based in emotions of guilt or obligation but instead reflect a realization of Oneness. Let Thanksgiving represent a true sense of gratitude which is; “I have because I am” and let gift giving be; “In giving to you I honor the Divine, for you are that”. Learn to recognize all celebrations as joy within Oneness.

In celebration of our Oneness…

We are the Arcturian Group


Ascension Update by soulsoothinsounds

March 25, 2015

by soulsoothinsounds

The further along we are in this ascension process, often the worse our lives may feel. Things seem to be falling apart physically, emotionally, financially, in relationships and jobs.

We scratch our heads and say, “I don’t get it. What am I missing? What’s the benefit of integrating my divine into my life if I’m left with nothing? If my body is falling apart, my emotions are out of control, my mind is going crazy? I don’t remember signing up for this!”

You say to yourself, or whoever will listen, “I see others around me, who know nothing about this ascension process, whose lives are getting better. They seem to be healthy, and financially doing well. Did I take a wrong road somewhere?

My body seems to be more sensitive than ever! I’ve got these ailments that persist no matter what I do. My mind just can figure it out!”

You may identify with some, or all of the above. Whatever stage of this process you are in, you are probably experiencing some symptoms. And the frustration that accompanies them. Your friends or family probably don’t understand, even if they say they do. They can’t, unless they have also given permission for this transformational process. So this adds an element of feeling very alone.

So you get confused. You don’t want to feel sorry for yourself, you know you are not a victim, but you can’t help but feel at the end of your rope from time to time. What you may have forgotten is that even though you have been working on this process for lifetimes, this is THE lifetime you slated for your ascension. Which means a hell of a lot of transformation needs to occur in your body of consciousness.

It takes an adventurous human to allow this process. Not many want to undergo the massive inner and outer changes required. Of things breaking down in their life, of losing things that they cherished. Of facing the deepest and darkest of emotions, in order to clear them. Of losing the things that gave them a sense of security, whether it was a job, a relationship, family, health, finances, and even the mental constructs called beliefs. What they once believed no longer rings true for them anymore. Who they thought they were seems to be dissolving. The passions, the connections with others are going away! Even their beliefs about being spiritual no longer apply.

So what started out as an exciting idea, this concept of enlightenment, isn’t exactly what we expected. Or, put another way, its a lot more challenging than expected.

But the good news is, we are doing in a few short years in this lifetime, what took lifetimes to do. We are rebirthing in these same bodies, and transforming them in the process. It’s not that we don’t deserve joy, health, and financial abundance, but if we are to house our soul in these bodies, and into our life, we need to release anything that blocks the self-love. And the result will be more joy, and our bodies, and our finances naturally come into balance.


Part of the awakening process is integrating our aspects. Those aspects are parts of ourself from this and other lifetimes, that have separated from us. Many of them are angry at us and want to create drama in our life. They come in and accuse us of many things: we are not good enough, smart enough, young enough, spiritual enough. They feel angry, sad, confused, lost. They make their presence known by how we feel. They sense that something different is happening to us, and they come in close. They want to feel the love, and they want to come home. Our job isn’t to try to analyze them or to figure out what life time or when they began. All we need to do is acknowledge those feelings, whether it is sadness, anger, anxiety, fear, boredom, or any other so-called ‘dark’ emotion, and breathe in our soul to assist with integrating those aspects. There should be no forcing or trying involved in this. It’s just an allowing.

That’s the part many of us are still struggling with – the allowing of our soul-self to love us just as we are, and to infuse its presence into our bodies and our lives. But if it is taking longer than desired then so be it. This is a process after all. If it could happen at the snap of a finger everyone would be ascending on the planet in an overnight fashion.

There are many in the new age community who contend that we are going into unity consciousness, and while that is true, we are required to be selfish enough to fall in love with ourselves, because unity consciousness can never manifest on this Planet if humans are running around, carrying old baggage that burdens them with old fears that tell them they are not good enough, or worthy enough to have a joyful life experience. Each one of you is, or will be teaching others who are ready what you have learned on your way to ascension. That information is more valuable than any amount of money or things.

Showing others by example how you are becoming an integrated human.
So as an aspect comes in and tries to tell you that you are not good enough on whatever level, you know the truth. That you are love and you are spirit and you are also the darkness, you are all of it. We were taught that being human is on the low-end of the totem pole, and spirit was way up there somewhere. As we awaken, we realize that there is no totem pole. There is simply a body of consciousness. We come to understand that we exist in many dimensions at once. That we are in the process of transmuting the denser energies. That we are in the process of grounding the New Energy. Learning to use the New Energy has its own challenges. One is that it is easier and freer and we are not used to that.
Again, the biggest challenge to us on the ascension track is to allow this process. To surrender to our soul. To accept ourselves as we are. And in that acceptance of it all…the seeming chaos of our lives, we begin to love ourselves into a joy-filled life experience.


Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical ‘imperfections’ we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won’t see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Six years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal – galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

Image Credit: www.openhandweb.org

Dimensional Overlays of Each Earth Vibrating NOW by Lisa Transcendence Brown


When you see EARTH and all as a myriad of different dimensions and timelines, with multiple universes within it, you will start to UNDERSTAND and REALIZE that Earth is not just one dimension, it’s a gazillion of them. Your OWN experience on this EARTH is your play that plays out for you. Your own dimension/timeline and you don’t get a higher vibrational one UNTIL YOU CHOOSE IT and EMBODY IT from within you.

Instead of looking at the Earth as a the only reality as true, look at it as your dimensional version that you CREATED and HOLD THE VIBRATION for with every particle of you. Your transmission, your beliefs, your mentalities…. then look out there and see if the physical particles that have taken physical form are all that you DESIRE, fulfill your dreams, inspire you and enhance your soul/life now.

IF NOT, then you are in an old timeline, which is a vibrational MATCH to some sort of separation that you still hold inside. It’s up to you to change your vibration and shift, intentionally, constantly, continually, until you have achieved the vibration you desire to experience ALL OF THE TIME.

Your own CONSCIOUSNESS transmits the frequencies, sequences and codes that tell the physical how to take form. You, your attention, what you allow you to think, allow yourself to participate in, allow to continually occur in your own physical timeline.

You do not get to “just leave”…. your Crystalline LightBody has to EVOLVE, hold light, activate your crystals, Christed Consciousness, so that you can vibrate, literally, your Quantum Cells will vibrate you into different realities FOR YOU….

Yes, that physical reality is YOUR REAL…. your program…. your play….. All yours…. and how you JUMP TIMELINES it totally up to the amount PHOTONIC LIGHT that you hold (Light Quotient)…. in every moment… or the amount of physical matter density that you still hold.

If you want a different reality, YOU have to do this…. for EMBODIMENT of higher light frequencies and the purity of LOVE is what gives you the ability, yes, YOUR ABILITIES, to do all easily, naturally and organically from within.

Your VERSION OF EARTH is the one you hold the vibrations for. Old Earth or NEW. Your VERSION of your body, dense 3D or LIGHT 5D (and so far beyond 5D now). Your Aspects dictate. Your Super Consciousness or unconscious dictates PHYSICAL MATTER and how it takes form IN RESPONSE TO YOU!

Dimensions overlay, weave in and out. You are standing next to Angels, Christed BEings, ArchAngels, Ascended Masters, Galactic LIGHT BEINGS (us) all of the time, but if you don’t hold the vibration, you can’t see us, interact with us, until you shift your own vibration to vibrate into OUR REALITY here…. now. When you stop “thinking” it can’t be, you open up to the opportUNITY to actually experience this too. It’s not up there/out there, it’s all around you.

Which physically solid hologram are you tuning in to, tuning your whole body to… in every moment. Tune to a higher frequency to vibrate into a higher frequency existence….

3D Earth/Body
4D Earth/Body
5D Earth/Body
6D Earth/Body
7D Earth/Body
8D Earth/Body
9D Earth/Body
10D Earth/Body
11D Earth/Body
12D Earth/Body
13D Earth/Body
14D Earth/Body
15D Earth/Body
16D Earth/Body
17D Earth/Body
18D Earth/Body
19D Earth/Body
(and so much higher)…..

This is an entire EVOLUTION into HIGHER FREQUENCY BANDWIDTHS of EXISTENCES… that will continue until all of the lower bandwidths are gone/dissolved/dismantled and re-constructed in a whole new frequency (de-materialization/re-materialization). Yes, right now.

Which vibrational body, Earth, reality are you HOLDING ALL OF THE TIME…. you will oscillate and re-tune constantly as your priority becomes your own existence and which Earth you are on RIGHT NOW. These higher Cosmic Galactic Source Purity Christed frequencies change your vibration, change the density of physical matter on Earth, you, your whole inside/outside world.

Earth is a vibration, the Cosmos is a Vibration, You are Vibrations where matter, stardust, particles… have taken physical form. ♫

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼