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Card For Today

Dance of the Planets

Our card for today, Monday, June 18th, is taken from the Journey of Love Oracle Cards – Dance of the Planets – “There are forces larger than your own personal destiny at work in your life now. Although they are not inharmonious to you, you may feel as though you are being blocked from, or on the other hand, rocketed towards the heavens on a roll that nothing can derail.”

Many of us may not really understand astrology or how it works in shaping our destiny, but it is true that whatever is happening in the heavens most certainly affects our lives on this planet. We may be trying to manifest something or someone into our reality and it appears to not be working no matter what we do or how hard we pray. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own personal lives that we fail to recognize that there is a grander plan at work here. Yes we may want that thing or that person, and maybe we have wanted it for a very long time (speaking from personal experience here too) and yet it seems to elude us no matter how hard we pray and how faithfully we trust that it is coming.

The problem is not with us and our lack of faith or trust, and it is not that we are not doing it right or doing something wrong. The problem, which is not really a problem at all, is that the timing is off for now. Sometimes there are circumstances that must happen first, or perhaps the right people need to be put in place before our manifestation can occur. We can’t begin to know or understand what God has planned, but we do know that God is faithful in His promises to answer our prayers. Often we think the answer to our prayer is “No”, which may not be the case at all, because most often the answer is “not yet”, meaning it will manifest when the time is right, when the right circumstances have occurred and the right people are in place.

Now it comes back to us to be patient, a lesson many of us wanted to learn in this lifetime apparently (me included!). Having patience may be difficult especially when we are uncertain if the answer is in fact “No” or just “Not yet”. But we are being asked to keep the faith and to trust that our prayers have been heard and will be answered when the time is right for it to be so. We are asked to not give up on manifesting our heart’s desire, even if it takes time for it to manifest. Can we go about our lives and trust that things are being taken care of behind the scenes for the manifestation of what we desire? Can we trust God to be true to His word that whatever we ask for in Jesus name, we will receive? Sometimes the waiting is a test of our own faith and trust to see if we can remain steadfast in our own faith in God. If we can hold onto our faith and trust as we wait, one day the planets will align and our heart’s desire will manifest. Remember everything happens in the Divine Right Time!

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love & Light,
Carolyn & My Spirit Team

Artwork taken from the Journey of Love Oracle Cards, Dance of the Planets.