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Card For Today

Surrender to the Magic of Who You Are

Our card for today, Friday, May 4th, is taken from The Power of Surrender Cards by Judith Orloff – Surrender to the Magic of Who You Are – “We all have magic in us. Even in the mundane aspects of life, remember that you are a magical being with a uniqueness and worth that come from just being you!”

This card is asking us to stop trying to fit in, to stop trying to be like everyone else, and to start being who we really are beneath the masks we wear so people will like us. We were not created to be the same, we were created as unique expressions of our Creator’s love. If we were meant to be like everyone else, then God would just have made clones that look alike, think alike, talk alike and so on. Sometimes when we look around at people it may seem like they are in fact clones of each other. However He didn’t do that, He created diversity and uniqueness in every single individual on this planet, emphasis on individual. We are all individually unique, and we all have unique gifts and talents that are ours alone but that we are meant to share with the world. We can’t begin to know our unique gifts and talents, let alone share them with the world, if we are intent on being like those around us just so we can fit in and be liked.

We think that if we are ourselves, who we really are with our odd beliefs, or our quirky sense of humor, or some other quality/qualities that we think would make us unacceptable or unlikeable, people will think we are strange. Heck I have been considered strange most of my life. For a time, when I was younger, I tried to fit in. I tried to be interested in what the people around me were interested in, and I didn’t talk about things that I was really interested in or believed in because generally I was laughed at and ostracized, but I was miserable. Now I don’t give a hoot, and maybe that comes with age, but if you don’t like me for who I really am, move along, I no longer care. Since the internet came into being, I find I’m not as alone as I once thought I was. There are many others out there who share my interests and beliefs, and who are just as quirky and strange as I am. These are my tribe I guess you could say.

I met a man in 2008 who I believed to be my Twin Flame. It was in trying to find answers to the connection we shared, as I knew nothing about Twin Flames at the time, that I came across the idea of Twin Flames, ascension, Lightworkers, and many other spiritual topics that opened up a whole new world for me. In exploring these ideas and concepts, I found myself and my reason for being here. When I came across the idea of Starseeds, well that answered a lot of questions for me. I got together with 2 of my sisters one evening and I was telling them about some of the things I was learning, and I said, “I knew I wasn’t from here!” and one of my sisters patted me on the back and said “that’s okay, we knew it too!” Exploring all these ideas and concepts is how I got into doing card readings. I was always interested in the Tarot, and was being told, when I would get a reading done for myself, that I could do this too. However I was too afraid, too afraid I couldn’t do this, that they were mistaken, and now here I am.

So my point is, don’t be afraid to explore all those things that make you uniquely you. It can be quite a journey but you never know just what you may find and what gifts you may have to offer this world as it moves through it’s transition to the 5th dimension. Perhaps you already know what your gifts are and are afraid to bring them to light in fear of being laughed at or rejected as crazy. Please don’t let that stop you from being who you are and who you were always meant to be. We are all needed here and those gifts and talents were given to us for a reason, so we could help humanity through this ascension process. You may not understand how just yet, but in time it will be made clear to you just how necessary your gifts are as we move forward, closer and closer to our destiny as a planet in ascension status. There is a saying, “Be you, the world will adjust!”

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love & Light,
Carolyn & My Spirit Team

Artwork taken from The Power of Surrender Cards, Surrender to the Magic of Who You Are.

Twin Flames Separation Why It Happens from Spiritual Unite


Twin flames separation is something that can’t be avoided and is meant to happen in most of the twin flame relationships. Apparently, most twin flames relationships are bound to come to a slight pause since its not quite obvious that at the point of meeting they both will be ready for each other.

The reunion is quite strong and would require the twins to be ready for each other i.e be in a position to take care of each other’s souls and in addition, they should have individually learnt some important life lessons such as love, loss, handling of; jealousy and hate etc.

Therefore, when the relationship can’t seem to work, it happens with a reason. It happens that there are key lessons still meant to be learnt and understood before embracing the love meant for the two.

Twin Flames Separation

However much the two of you will have part ways, you are still connected and its just a learning moment for the two of you. You are meant to learn important lessons such as detachment, forgiveness, surrender, grace, inner strength and trust.

Forgiveness will be the greatest lesson you will get to learn since the separation would have been caused by one of you either saying or doing something that hurt the other.

At a point like this, you will definitely miss your twin and you will get to wonder how to cope with such a loss. It will be painful and it would ache your heart but remember its meant to happen. Its meant to teach you something and however much you wish they would be with you its just not the right moment.

Making matters worse, you will have to go through this stage alone as no one will get to understand what you actually feel. You may try explaining yourself to those close to you and trust me the best response you can get is ‘just let go, maybe it was not meant to be.’ But no, don’t listen to them; whatever you had is no ordinary and very few people can come to really understand what you are going through.

Twin flame separation isn’t quite a pleasant ordeal and it will leave you with a string of questions in your head with no real answers and unfortunately it will be a confusing moment for you.

However, with the confusion and uncertainty, the two of you will still be connected in a way. You will still think about each other nearly all of the time and still feel their internal energy. You will get to feel it when they are emotional, upset or even when they will be thinking of you.

Its quite sad to lose someone you had loved and still love with all your heart but remember one thing; its a stage you have to grow through and you are learning something out of it. There may not be exact reasons as to why this is happening, how its going to happen or when it may stop and all you have to do is trust the process and endure the pain.

The whole encounter is meant to grow you and therefore this is a time for you to have your own healing, spiritual growth, recognize your lessons and just be the best version of yourself. Once you are ready, the universe will reunite you once more and this time your love will be unbreakable and divine.


November Energies – Annoyed and physically ill? Here is why….by Vera Ingeborg


High light frequencies keep streaming in and we are headed towards the 11.11 gateway in lightening speed. It seems as if we are getting support by another geomagnetic storm, caused by a huge CME that left a canyon on the sun of 200.000 km length as spaceweather.com reports. It is supposed to hit earth on November 8. If so, this will give us an extra push and more energetic potential to transmute energies quickly. As it was already described in the article about the cleansing finals, the energies are building up very quickly now and we go through a lot of transformation in a very short time. Our systems are overtaxed and we feel like we have left one reality without having fully entered the new one yet. Almost as if we were floating between dimensions. The changes within us happen so fast now, that neither our physical body nor our external reality are able to catch up yet. All of this is causing a feeling of being very annoyed and confused. We feel we have moved forward so much and have done so much inner work. And yet, this still does not feel blissful at all. We are still suffering from intense fatigues and are overwhelmed by all the possibilities we are shown our life could take us to next. So overwhelmed, that we rather just want to ignore it all. Can’t we just get over with the guessing and puzzle game and get a clear sign for once?

No, not yet. The disconnect is important right now. We need it to make the transition into 5D. And we only can do this alone. We need to fully trust our own intuition and need to have mastered self-love and self-confidence to be able to make this shift. Our guides are doing us a favour by not being very present. They know that we have reached a point where we are able to walk through this portal on our own. And it is coming up soon! The energetic gateway has already opened for the huge portal into new beginnings on 11.11. In preparation for it, we already are in a major balancing phase, November 8 is the exact half way between equinox and solstice, a day of balance and harmony. And a tipping point. Letting go of the last bits of 3D energies still hanging around in our energy fields. The super full moon on November 14 will help with these final cleansings. All of what we are experiencing now is the preparation for all the new coming in, which will manifest quicker than ever. How amusing, that November 8 is election day in the US. There are no coincidences. So, if you feel fed up with all that ascension stuff and all the uncertainty, just take some time to look back and see how much has changed and moved forward for you in such a short time. How much you have grown and learned. We tend to forget to appreciate our achievements while we focus on all the construction sites in our life.

Time becomes intangible

For many, time is hardly tangible anymore. Especially for those that have left schedules and routines behind. A past week can feel like a year has gone by because so much is happening at once. Our mind is not able to process all the changes we are going through and is not able to remember or recall things correctly. That is why it thinks that a lot more time must have past by. We have a hard time remembering things from our old 3D life. It feels more like a past life memory and very surreal. We are experiencing the dissolving of linear time, the more we move into the now and understand that this is our only reality. As we drop our fears, the process of aging slows down and gets even reversed. We indeed grow younger. Another reason why the significance of time stops. Without aging, there is no pressure to achieve anything quickly. We have eternity to do so!

Twin Flames feel disconnected and annoyed

For twin flames, energetically this is a very interesting period. Those that have healed their emotional body completely feel very disconnected from their twin. After all this push and pull and having them in their mind 24/7 all of a sudden it is gone. And that seems strange. It is almost like missing the missing. Twins need to get used to the feeling of absolute freedom and authenticity first, after having been attached for such a long time. And the energy feels absolutely flat when twins reach that state of being. In the beginning, it is a swinging in and out of that new state, but when twins embrace that experience, they move into this detachment for good very quickly. When that has happened, they are experiencing that the energetic field is tipping over. The quantum entanglement of both parts is at play. The more female part that has spent the past years with cleansing, purging and healing is now ready to fully step into his/her mission and just move forward without any attachment or longing. And is ready to do this alone. Is even open to the possibility that there might be someone else. But…. Energetically he or she is held back. And that sucks! Why is that? As the energetic field has tipped over, and the masculine is waking up, energetically they are now starting to send signs of “Please, don’t leave me, I still need you”. In parallel, it seems in 3D, that nothing is changing on their side at all. They just seem to continue their 3D life and existence. It is a strange feeling to still be connected to someone in 3D while having left that dimension already. That leads to a feeling of annoyance. Not wanting to deal with the 3D version of your Beloved any longer because you cannot relate to the human drama anymore. The more female part just wants to take off and explore 5D joy and happiness and would be more than happy to share all of this with the 5D version of their counterpart. The one that they had initially met during the bubble love phase. Although this indeed feels annoying right now, that is a very good sign that the energies have entered their final balancing dance. So just keep living your life, trust your process and continue your mission. It will balance and settle quickly now.
Old Wounds and intense Physical Ailments

Old wounds are showing up one more time for those that have not completely healed yet. People feel tired and fed up. Homesickness comes up again, and it is tough for many to keep up the faith that anything will change anytime soon. And the physical body goes nuts for many people. Feeling vertigo, migraines and intense pain down the whole spine as well as blurry eyes and a sore throat are the harmless part. But many are struggling with intense stomach sickness, including throwing up water and a body weakness that feels like a huge flu infection. As it is for all emotional pain and mental spiraling, also for the physical pain it is recommended to embrace it. Know this is your body rebuilding itself and trying to catch up with the rest of your energetic bodies – adapting to the high frequencies. Love your body for being so brave and for supporting you to be able to ascend while inhabiting it. Not everyone will be able to do this and will left behind in 3D frequencies. Of course please do seek medical assistance if you need some peace of mind.

“These are the cleansing finals. The energies are superintense and will shake us up to the core once again.”

My dears – these are the cleansing finals. The energies are superintense and will shake us up to the core once again. This is the only way up into 5D frequencies and being anchored into New Earth for good. Don’t try to push things forward that are not ready for manifestation. You will end up disappointed and will have wasted a lot of energy with little to no result. Follow the energetic pulls you receive. Ground yourself and bravely continue to transmute whatever comes up. If you need some tips for the upcoming days, please check out these tips to become a master alchemist and how to transmute energies quickly.

By Vera Ingeborg.

The texts I share are always based on channelings I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg.




When a man chooses a woman who follows her calling, his only chance to maintain the connection is in following her… and above all in creating space for her to follow her own path.

It may happen that he needs to abandon his own neediness, or that he finds a means of healing through their common path – but not in the gentlest manner.

When a man chooses a woman who heals the collective wounds of the women by following her calling, his Yes for her equals a Yes to a bigger purpose far beyond building a house or raising children. Their connection goes beyond fulfilling the classical gender role models.

For this man accepts the job of having the back of this woman, of catching her when she cannot transform the pain of the world anymore. It means for him to welcome a different form of sexuality, since healing on the level of sexuality is one of the most profound issues of the woman who needs to become a healer.
For him this, again, is about welcoming slowness, softness and healing – about holding back or redirecting his own drive… about being present for the whole.

Because when a man chooses a woman who aims for freedom, they can only achieve this together… and by him leaving his narcissistic aspects behind and recognizing the path of the woman as his own path towards freedom.

When a man chooses a woman who is bigger, he cannot dwell in the places of energies of oppression or of playing small. He – if he chooses to take on this mission with her – accepts a task serving the well-being of all men, even though it happens in the background. Within this background he creates space of security, of keeping her safe from an ambush bred by his own old wounds, driving her into submission.

When a man chooses a woman out of his fascination with her radiance and wisdom, it must be obvious to him that he cannot be stuck within his own deficits in a way that makes him want to diminish her radiance… purely out of fear of having to share her with others.

When a man chooses a woman who follows her calling, he cannot fear these words: respect, humility and surrender. He will rather walk the path of divinity – alongside his woman, the healer – with gratitude and an overflowing heart.

For such a woman will choose – if she ever needs to choose – in favour of the well-being of all women …and she will choose walking her path alone instead of leaving it for him. Nevertheless, she is aware of the power that lies in the presence of a man who is beating the drums… for her.

~ Moksha Devi Sunshine




September 20, 2016

Sisters, it’s not all about us. Let’s get off our narcissistic Goddess high horses and listen. The Sacred Masculine is calling.

Sisters, I know. We have been oppressed. Patriarchy has clipped our wings and silenced the witch-call of our revolutionary voices for centuries.

Sisters, I know. We have fought tooth and nail, aching, plunging deeply into the wellsprings of our wombs, purging our pain and the pain of our ancestors, firstly through the bold feminist movements of our mothers, and more recently through the groundswell of conscious feminine spiritual practices which have half-blossomed and half-volcanically-erupted into this newly emerging earth consciousness.

Daily, hourly, moment by conscious moment, we have devoted ourselves to reawakening the Divine Feminine, within and without. We have given everything, untied the bindings, slashed the belittling beliefs, nourished the seedlings of self-worth, sparked the phoenix-like rise of the circles of sacred sisterhood, to reclaim what has been suppressed, lost, denied.

Sisters, we call ourselves Goddesses. And we should. But let us not forget that with great power comes great responsibility.

And hear me now. Patriarchy does not equate to Masculinity. What we are fighting is not men, Sisters. Maybe you think you know this. But do you really? If you do, let it be known through your actions. Put down your daggers, put down your spears against the Masculine. For after you have had your righteous rage (and yes, I grant that you must have it), there is work to be done. The rage without ending is not the solution, Sisters. Stop!

Stop brandishing knives around your aura, and keeping at bay the good men you sorely yearn to unite with. Stop callously offering up to a false altar the hearts of the Lovers, Kings, Magicians and Warriors as the wrongful and bloody sacrifices for the historical mistakes of us all.

Patriarchy is a paradigm, my Sisters. A paradigm which both men and women have allowed to be. For far too long, each side of the gender coin has forgotten itself, forgotten its power and its sacredness. The patriarchal paradigm was a co-creation. Misogyny is a co-creation. To deny this is to deny your own power, to cast yourself into a space of victimhood which is getting old, Sisters. So old. We cannot, and will not, be both Goddesses and victims.

We must choose the path of highest and deepest truth.

The war against the Sacred Masculine must come to an end, Sisters. Awaken your powers of listening and compassion which are wise beyond measure. Centuries of patriarchal oppression does not require centuries of penance, Sisters. Feel this. Do you know your essence is an all-encompassing, healing, sacred balm? We cannot be in our fullness until we understand this.

Listen, Sisters, listen. Can’t you hear the Sacred Masculine calling? His essence is all around you. He is in pain, Sisters. You are not the only one. Patriarchy has separated his goodness and his boldness from the one thing worth fighting for. You. Us. Spirit. The Sacred Wholeness.

Get off your narcissistic Goddess high horses and listen. You say you want a Warrior. You say you want a Shiva to your Shakti. Then bring him into you. He is yearning for you, he profoundly aches for you, just as rawly and wildly as you ache for him — with a staggering ardor and devotion that knows no bounds.

He wants nothing more than to give you his everything. Universes he yearns to give to you, Sisters. How can he do that when you wield battleaxes before him? You are not even listening. Did you know that the balm of your essence is the nectar of his soul? That the grace of your loving attention is the nutrient which sparks a thousand sunshines in his heart? He would give his life for your honest love.

Stop wasting time, sisters. Both yours and his. If you cannot organically give the man before you the honor of your fullness, have the heart to turn yourself to the one you can. Even if this means being alone for some time, and waiting in radiant expectation for your One. Do not ask the beautiful man before you to pay penance at your feet for the disempowered mistakes of your grandmothers and grandfathers. Quit that blame game.

The dance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine is not a transaction. There can be no tit for tat. Stop asking your men to fill a bottomless cup.

You are the Great Mother. Can you imagine the contraction you cause when you cast your sons into the role of Sinner? How can he ever reach you when you have damned him to purgatory?

Instead, open, Sisters. Allow the men around you to be worthy. See their radiant worthiness. Many ask, Where are all the good men? Many think men are not evolved enough. You think they can’t handle all of you? That you are too much woman for them? I call bullshit, Sisters. This says more about your blindness than their faults.

The Sacred Masculine is everywhere, Sisters, longing to be welcomed into your hearth, to be warmly embraced in the intoxicating divinity of your velvet purity. Let go of the excuses. Give him safe harbor. Give him grace. Open your arms. See him. You have nothing to prove, and everything to give.

Underneath it all, beneath the centuries of war, fighting and separation, all he wants is what you want too. The hieros gamos — the divine marriage of opposites. His dissolution into your arms, and you into his. He wants to be the hero in the story, Sisters. He wants to be your White Knight. But he cannot do that while you are blind with rage and fear. Open your eyes.

Grace him with the presence, the love and the affection which will exalt him into that greatness. He will not fail you. He is only inches away from you every second of every day. He is behind you. He is beside you. He has protected you in ways you will never know of or appreciate. He has offered you his life essence. Welcome him into you, Sisters.

Boadicea, Joan of Arc, remove your armor. Kali, put down your scythe. The battle is over. Love has won.


Odette Gibbs is a Kundalini yogini, philosopher and tantric-shamanic practitioner, whose purpose is to join forces with those dedicated to living awake, in service of the evolution and healing of consciousness worldwide. She is the founding director of The Kundalini Centre, the first and only Kundalini Yoga studio in Australia’s capital city, Canberra. In addition, she is a registered Master Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Australia. Odette’s academic background is in law and philosophy. After teaching law briefly at the University of Canberra, she completed her Honors thesis at the Australian National University, entitled ‘Consciousness: Toward a Fundamental Theory Integrating Western Philosophical and Kundalini Yoga Perspectives’. Alongside her private Yoga and healing practice, Odette runs transformative retreats globally, and is honored to hold space for her monthly Full Moon women’s tantric goddess circle, Shakti Temple.


Card For Today


Our card for today, Monday, July 25th, is taken from the Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle Cards – Love – “My child, my wondrous one, it is time to celebrate because love is calling to you to open your heart and receive my blessings.”

For those of us who have been waiting for love, for our Twin Flame or Soul Mate to show up, it is time to open our hearts wide and receive what is on its way to us, or what has already shown up but is still very new. We may be afraid of opening our hearts because of the pain of love lost in the past. However let’s remember that it wasn’t love that hurt us, it was someone who didn’t know how to love who hurt us. Hurt people hurt people and so we must keep in mind that the one we love has also experienced the loss of love in the past as well, and so they are coming to us with wounds of their own that need healing.

So as we come together we must keep this in mind, we are afraid but so are they, and so meeting your Twin Flame or Soul Mate is only the beginning of a journey that must first take us inside ourselves to heal our own wounds as they are triggered by the one we love. They will trigger us and we will trigger them bringing up anything that is not love which holds us back from giving ourselves completely to the love we have longed for our whole lives. This will take patience and understanding on both sides. This is what causes the “runner/chaser” phenomenon that is particularly prevalent with Twin Flames.

Now the question we need to ask ourselves is how deeply can we love? Instead of running at the first sign of “trouble”, can we instead stay in the relationship and talk to our partner about what it is we are feeling without blaming them for something. Speaking from experience, I know how hard this is to do. When you are in the thick of it, it’s hard to look at the situation objectively and see what is behind the actions or words our partners are showing us or saying to us. This is where keeping our hearts open and seeing through the eyes of love comes into play. If we can see what is happening in our partner and also inside ourselves and know it for what it is, that we are mirroring to each other what needs to be healed in us, then we are a lot closer to making these sometimes trying relationships work. I say “trying” because it does take work on both sides to make it work. If one runs rather than deal with their baggage and heal it, then it will take a lot longer to come into union.

So how open can we be? How much love can we give without placing conditions on it? Can we open our hearts and not only receive the love that is flowing into us, but also let love flow out of us to not only our Twin Flame or our Soul Mate but also to the world?

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Aurora & Star Twin

Artwork taken from the Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle Cards, Love.

Angel and Ancestor Altar

Angel and Ancestor Altar 2

I thought I would share something with you to maybe give you some inspiration and ideas on how to do this for yourself. You all know that I listen to and read channelings by Kryon through Lee Carroll. Kryon talks a lot about going back to the ways of the indigenous of the planet in honoring our ancestors. He says that it is so important to our spiritual growth and our earthly existence to honor those who came before us, even though some of us are our own ancestors through reincarnation. It doesn’t matter if we know who our ancestors are beyond our own parents and grandparents or even great grandparents, it’s the ritual that counts.

So here is a photo of my own altar to honor the ancestors. I have also incorporated into my altar, the angels and my Twin Flame. You can see on the right a small bowl of herbal tea that is my offering to the ancestors and I also have a crystal grid. On the left I have a glass candle holder that was big enough to put some fresh water and a floating candle as the ancestors like a source of fresh water as well as an offering. I also have a few other candles and a small stick of sandalwood incense burning. The candles right at the front, it’s hard to see in the photo, but on the right the candle holder is blue to represent the Divine Masculine, on the left the candle holder is pink to represent the Divine Feminine and the candle holder in the middle is gold to represent Mother/Father God. I don’t have any pictures on the wall behind this yet as I only created this the other day. I find it a very peaceful and loving time as I sit before my altar and commune with the ancestors, the angels, my guides, my Twin Flame and of course Mother/Father God. I hope this gives you some ideas as to creating your own altar to honor your own ancestors.

Here is the link to a webpage on honoring the ancestors. I basically follow the offering and prayers to the ancestors offered on this page.


I also purchased this from Amazon to use as a portable altar and as a guide again for the prayers.

Spirit of the Ancestors Altar Kit: A Spiritual Practice to Invoke Peace and Protection

by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Aurora & Star Twin